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April 17, 2020

Yes! There Will Be Enough Toilet Paper

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COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, but who would’ve ever dreamed that it would’ve brought about a run on toilet paper? The rather odd penchant of shoppers to stockpile this, and other household paper products, has – of course – led to the inevitable fake news stories fuelling further panic over shortages.

However, despite figures quoting a 60% or even 70% rise in the sale of toilet paper, it seems that the pulp and paper industry is pulling out all the stops to successfully service this increased demand.

The Pulp and Paper Industry: Essential industry heroes

One aspect of the novel coronavirus pandemic is that we’re seeing heroes in all kinds of unlikely places. Only a few short months ago most of the world didn’t give a thought as to the production of the humble loo roll, and certainly took it for granted that they’d be able to source their share during their weekly shop.

But empty shelves have hammered home the fact that paper plants and those who work in the field truly are essential workers. During this time of unprecedented demand for paper products it’s more important than ever for the industry to have reliable, energy-efficient assets and equipment.

The 24/7 nature of the rotating equipment used in such plants is consistently under extreme pressure. This makes the provision of high quality, long lasting applications essential for optimal production, performance and ongoing profits.

Reliability, Energy-Efficiency and Good Old-Fashioned Craft

No-one is going to pretend that the production of paper and paper products is glamorous. However, it’s one of the world’s most essential industries, making the need for solutions that service the tough applications crucial for every level of production.

These include:

  • Optimal energy and water usage: Overuse of these two vital aspects can send costs spiralling. Switching to solutions, such as high-end mechanical sealing, can reduce water and energy consumption and in some cases even eliminate flush water usage completely.
  • Protect assets and streamline maintenance and repairs: Industrial coatings and lubricants are key to protecting equipment from corrosion and abrasion, both in the case of new assets and to increase the longevity of older kit.
  • Ensure ultimate pump performance: A combination of mechanical seals, top-level pump packings, coating and lubricants is critical to ensure that plants can continually churn out at a maximum load.

At a time where the paper industry is working harder and faster than it ever has before, it’s time for all of us to take a moment to recognise all those who’re pulling out the stops to increase production.

Quite simply, on behalf of the nation, thank you…

Chesterton Are Here to Support Your Sealing, Lubrication and Coating Protection Needs

Chesterton’s extensive experience in the provision of the ultimate in sealing, lubrication and coating protection requirements at this crucial time is proving hugely beneficial. Industry knowledge has never been more important, and having a local provider allows for a personal approach with an unsurpassed global reach.

Chesterton extend their heartfelt thanks to all who’re working to fulfil the country’s needs for paper. Never has it been so important to reduce maintenance and ensure optimal performance of rotating equipment, and this is where Chesterton’s advanced sealing solutions can make a real difference.

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