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Water and WasteWater

Water and Waste Water is an ever-growing industry that requires only the best and most innovative solutions to keep up and running.

Chesterton Customseal offers state-of-the-art, time-tested sealing solutions for the water and wastewater industry.
Chesterton Customseal joins forces with the Chesterton brand to ensure a complete solution for our customers by offering all the best products for water and wastewater plants, such as industrial lubrication and protective coatings.

Chesterton offers NSF-certified mechanical seals and industrial coatings that keep our customers prepared for anything, along with our Chesterton Customseal solutions.

Trust us! We have the knowledge, resources and experience to keep your business running smoothly and cutting edge.

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Chesterton and Chesterton Customseal are members of the

Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) 


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Solving Challenges with Chesterton® and Chesterton Customseal’s Proven Solutions for Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants

Chesterton® has been an active player in the water and wastewater, desalination and flood control market for decades.
With our full line of Chesterton product solutions and hands-on experience, we continue to establish our strength and expertise in this arena!

Black and yellow seals

Plant superintendents recently surveyed by Treatment Plant Operators magazine identified the major challenges that need to be addressed in facilities today:

  • Aging Infrastructure
  • Energy and Water Use
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Safety

This newly updated brochure explains how Chesterton addresses these specific challenges across all our product lines. We pair those solutions with our industry knowledge, global reach, and local service.

Chesterton Water and Wastewater Brochure

Chesterton Industry-Leading Solutions Include:

Metal seal

  • Sealing for pumps, mixers, agitators, and valves
  • Wireless monitoring for critical equipment
  • Lubricants and MRO products
  • Industrial coatings for concrete and metal
  • Chesterton Customseal Sealing for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

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