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Whether your plant’s goal is to improve productivity, reduce waste or contain costs, Chesterton Customseal has the knowledge and experience to develop customised hydraulic/pneumatic sealing solutions to help you achieve these goals. Our local field specialists analyse applications and help develop plant-specific solutions.

Using a combination of Chesterton proprietary materials and high-performance seals and components in the cylinders can help extend Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) and reduce overall equipment costs.

Chesterton Customseal offers sealing solutions for:

  • Banbury Mixer Cy​linders
  • Calendaring Equipment Cylinder
  • Tyre Press Cylinders
  • Testing Cylinders​
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Chain Lubrication

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Sealing solutions that increase operational efficiency

Reliability and Productivity Diagram

Leveraging our engineering expertise in product design and materials technology, Chesterton Customseal develops engineered polymer seal solutions for the tire industry that help solve today’s toughest challenges.

  • Attentive and skilled customer service to create ad-hoc solutions
  • Proprietary polymer technologies
  • Material selection
  • Differentiated sealing geometries
  • Engineering support

Cylinder Upgrade Program

Chesterton Customseal Cylinder Upgrade Program applies a systematic approach to improve the reliability of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders during the repair and upgrade process. A combination of high-performance seals and components in cylinders can extend Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) while helping reduce overall equipment costs.

Examples of cylinder performance improvements:

Examples of cylinder performance improvements


AWC860 Cherry Polymer

Choosing the right material for your chosen ​seal design can significantly impact the reliability of your hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Chesterton Customseal is known across industries for offering state-of-the-art polymer technologies that have been field-tested and proven worldwide in the most demanding sealing applications.

AWC860The AWC860 is Chesterton’s world-renowned high-performance thermoset material manufactured with a proprietary process.

Guarantees better hydrolysis resistance in extreme conditions. On average, 35% to 60% better for extended periods.

In addition, it allows retention of the mechanical properties, better from 25% to 40% at high temperatures and prolonged periods.


  • Higher temperature use.
  • Excellent wear and tear resistance with a low compression set.
  • Compatible with most hydraulic fluids.
  • Superior performance in hydraulic and pneumatic and slow rotary applications.
  • Excellent extrusion resistance at high pressure.

Our world-renowned proprietary thermoset material, AWC860, is widely considered to be one of the highest-performing materials on the market today. This advanced seal material offers high abrasion and low compression set for superior performance. It is ideal for use in hydraulic or pneumatic applications.

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