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The steel and metal industries represent extreme operating conditions, meaning that seals need to be robust enough to rise to the challenge. By utilising the right sealing solutions, plants benefit from increased productivity, longer intervals between maintenance tasks and enhanced process reliability. No matter the type used, advanced heavy-duty seals are the answer to the ultimate performance and longevity. In today’s competitive steel and metal markets, careful selection of the seals used can dramatically positively affect a business’s bottom line.

Sealing Challenges in the Steel & Metal Industries

The steel industry presents some rather unique working conditions that place many stresses upon some of the smallest elements of assets, the seals. From split seals to cassette seals, radial shafts, and more, the strains from various media, pressures, and temperatures will negatively affect any seal that isn’t up to the task.

The challenges that need to be overcome when seeking the best sealing solutions include:

  • High-speed processes: Exert continuous stress upon seals, causing friction and heat.
  • Extremes of temperature: In addition to that caused by asset operation, ambient temperature can add an extra challenge to sealing performance.
  • Aggressive media: This includes both internal and external fluids, such as coolants, lubricants, and cleaning products.
  • Multiple sealing needs: The steel industry typically requires many different seals to work with varying rotating and other equipment.

The key to addressing these challenges is customisation. Heavy-duty seals chosen specifically to complement asset design are crucial, whether these be off-the-shelf solutions or bespoke designed and produced to solve the internal mechanisms of an individual machine.

Heavy Duty Seal Solutions for all Steel & Metal Applications

Seal selection must be carried out with many different operating parameters (rotating, pivoting, linear, continuous etc.). Seal selection must be carried out. Seal failure is one of the biggest reasons for less-than-optimal performance and reducing the MTBF between maintenance tasks. The ultimate solution is to use seals, such as Chesterton’s, custom-designed using cutting-edge materials and are built to address the many operational challenges.

Examples include:

Split seals and heavy-duty seals for Upstream processes

  • Advanced seals for continuous casting plants
  • Advanced seals for tap hole cylinders
  • Advanced large diameter seals for converters

Split seals and heavy-duty seals for Downstream processes

  • Advanced seals for online hydro testers
  • Advanced seals for heavy-duty applications
  • Advanced seals for rolling mills

Chesterton’s state-of-the-art range of sealing solutions is designed using the latest in high-performance materials, such as polyurethanes, elastomers, PTFE and thermoplastics. These bring properties to seals that increase their performance and dramatically extend their longevity over many traditional sealing options still in common use today.

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