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The Oil and Gas industry presents an ever-increasing challenge with aggressive environments for equipment, and none is under more pressure than the humble seal. From high pressures and temperatures to the need to drill deeper for oil reserves and being in constant contact with harsh chemicals, the longevity of seals is critical to the life of the equipment.

The quality and reliability of seals, be they packing, stem seals used in valves, or any other types, is crucial. They not only directly affect performance and maintenance intervals, but their integrity is vital for the safety of all who work within the vicinity. Within the Oil and Gas sector, extremes of all kinds aren’t the exception – they’re the normality.

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The Challenges

The pressures placed upon seals have increased dramatically as the recovery of oil, gas, and hydrocarbons has increased in complexity. The standard seals relied upon for so long are no longer fit for purpose, meaning advanced materials and design are essential for safe and efficient operation.

Some of the challenges that seals are under include:

  • Extreme temperatures & pressures
  • Aggressive chemicals
  • Rapid Gas decompression
  • Sour Gas (H2S)

The chemical environments that seals must withstand are particularly diverse, including exposure to methanol, amines, steam, supercritical CO2, hydrogen sulphide and oil.

Valve Seals, Packing Seals and Sealing Solutions for all Oil and Gas Applications

The solution for effective seals lies in the choice of material from which they are constructed, along with a specific seal design. Certain polymers bring strength and longevity to seals under constant challenges from extreme conditions. These include PTFE and PEEK-based materials that offer outstanding performance against the challenges of today’s production environment. The former has excellent chemical resistance and performs well at elevated temperatures, and the latter is a highly durable, hard-wearing material resistant to acids, organics and bases.

Cutting-edge seal design combined with advanced material properties make for off-the-shelf and custom-designed seals that are suitable in all areas of the industry:

  • Upstream: The exploration and recovery sector demands sealing solutions that guarantee excellent performance and longevity whilst recovering hydrocarbon reserves.
  • Midstream: When processing and transporting raw natural gas and crude oil, advanced material and design seals are essential to prevent leaks, conform to legislation and – crucially –continue to do this for extended periods under duress.
  • Downstream: Processing at plants and refineries is a 24/7 process that demands seals that offer excellent MTBF. This is vital to meet environmental responsibilities and cut maintenance tasks and unexpected shutdowns that dramatically affect the bottom line in this highly competitive industry.

Chesterton Customseal is a leading supplier of innovative sealing solutions to the Oil and Gas industry.

Chesterton is proud of its long-standing global reputation for expertise and rapid response, from patented design off-the-shelf packing and valve seals to customised bespoke solutions offering ultimate performance.

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Chesterton is part of Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia. SICA is committed to leading subsea innovation in Australia, fostering collaboration, sustainability, and growth within the industry.

NBR Material - AWC742
Scaled NBR Material - AWC742

NBR Material - Chesterton AWC742

The NBR material – AWC742 we offer at Chesterton Customseal is perfect for use in the oil and gas industry.

Available in various grades and hardnesses, ranging from Shore A70 to Shore A90, this material is ideal for creating machined O-rings, pneumatic seals, heavy-duty hydraulic seals or custom designs.

For the most demanding applications, we have grades for low-temperature service and explosive decompression environments.

This is a base material for the oil and gas industry, combined with full traceability of the raw compound to date of cure and Chesterton Customseal’s full quality assurance.

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HNBR Material - AWC743
Scaled HNBR Material - AWC743

HNBR Material - Chesterton AWC743

A common compound in the oil and gas industry, HNBR – AWC743 is widely known for its chemical resistance.
HNBR is a hydrogenated nitrile rubber material.

With all the benefits of nitrile rubber plus the improved high-temperature rating of 150 degrees C, this material is the perfect choice for sour gas service.

Norsok M710 Annex B approved, this material can be used in applications with rapid gas decompression.

With Chesterton’s unique manufacturing machining process, we can produce practically any seal shape and size to meet your needs.

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FKM Material - AWC730
Scaled FKM Material - AWC730

FKM Material - Chesterton AWC730

FKM is an elastomer based on fluorinated rubber, a material with exceptional resistance to heat, atmospheric agents and many other chemicals. FKM is a key material for demanding applications in the oil and gas industry.

With its extreme temperature and broad chemical resistance, it is widely used across various equipment in the oil and gas industry.

This chemical-resistant material can be used up to a maximum temperature of 220 degrees C with suitable low-temperature degrees down to -50 degrees C.

With the flexibility to machine practically any shape of seal up to 1 meter in diameter, it is possible to guarantee efficiency and reliability with complete traceability.

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FEPM Material – AWC727
Scaled FEPM Material – AWC727

FEPM Material – Chesterton AWC727

Chesterton Customseal FEPM rubber material is ideal for oil and gas industry use.

This chemical-resistant material can create machined O-rings and specialised custom seals in our Chesterton Customseal warehouse. These custom seals offer a unique solution every time.

FEPM also provides superior electrical insulation, making it perfect for power, electrical grids and applications. This material is just one of Chesterton Customseal’s impressive range and can be used in most applications and industries.

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EPDM Material – Chesterton AWC752

EPDM material is one of Chesterton Customseal’s sealing materials and is perfect for the oil and gas industry.

With specialised properties that make it UV resistant, this material is the one to choose for any application or situation that includes high exposure to sunlight. The material can form machined O-rings, pneumatic, low-duty hydraulic, and combined seal energisers.

Available in 85A hardness, this material can be used throughout the oil and gas industry and will give you the best results every time, with no cracks or warping in direct sunlight!

Download the EPDM material info sheet.

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PTFE Material – Chesterton AWC520

PTFE is a true champion, excelling in its ability to withstand aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, and the toughest operating conditions. Its resilience and durability make it the go-to choice for various applications.

Our range of PTFE grades offers unique benefits to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s Bronze, Carbon, Glass, or other fillers, we have the perfect solution to enhance performance and optimise results.

PTFE is inert to most chemicals and boasts an unlimited shelf life, making it the ultimate choice for extreme applications. Say goodbye to corrosion worries and hello to peace of mind.

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Sealing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

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The Oil and Gas industry presents an ever-increasing challenge for equipment. Effective seals are critical to equipment integrity and must operate at more extreme pressures and temperatures than ever before.
The quality and reliability of seals is crucial. They not only directly affect performance and maintenance intervals, but their integrity is essential for the safety of all who work within the vicinity.

Within the Oil and Gas sector, extremes of all kinds aren’t the exception – they’re the normality. Explore how we can assist you in conquering these challenges within the Oil and Gas Industry.