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Your core business is mining. Our core business is ensuring that our equipment delivers peak performance to maximise your productivity. With this in mind and in conjunction with your goals, we develop customised solutions to enhance your operation and give you confidence, performance and value. We provide a complete range of polymer seals, support functions, and training to ensure we always provide you with top products and service.

We focus on “customer first” and strive to always deliver on time and on budget. Chesterton Customseal’s industry-proven sealing solutions deliver the highest value by extending the hours of your operation between maintenance intervals of your equipment and increasing overall asset life. We provide sealing solutions as well as replacement kits for refurbished equipment.

Chesterton Customseal is your partner, our engineered customised solutions and programs are built towards your goals. We support increasing service life and strengthen your performance, always to exceed your expectations on partnership and productivity.

Discover our Chesterton® Mining Solutions

Underground Mining

Discover Chesterton Customseal Solutions for Underground Mining. Benefits of using Chesterton Customseal products are:

  • Customised innovative solutions designed to withstand extreme operating conditions
  • Optimal levels of process performance improvements
  • Extension of your equipment life and lower overall operational costs
  • Maximised uptime and reduced maintenance time

Discover More Sealing Solutions for Underground Mining

Hydraulic Cylinder Upgrade

Chesterton Customseal offers a wide range of innovative sealing solutions, using state-of-the-art technologies and premium materials to solve the most critical and complex industry challenges.

From stacked seals to wipers, our team of experienced engineers work to produce the strongest and most reliable product combination to create a long-lasting strategic solution to meet the needs of our customers.

Sealing products for the mining and ore processing industries

Chesterton Customseal’s innovative seals are focus on helping customers save time and money while maintaining the highest level of equipment reliability. From slurry sealing to increasing pump efficiency, we help our customers surmount equipment challenges.

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Hydraulic and pneumatic sealing solutions

Chesterton offers a range of high-performance seals made from state-of-the-art polymer technologies that have been field-tested and proven around the world in the most demanding sealing applications.

Our hydraulic sealing solutions provide optimal value by extending the hours of operation between maintenance intervals of your equipment. Custom and turnkey cylinder repair kits combine proprietary polymer technologies with unique seal geometries to increase reliability and improve productivity.

The reliability and performance of the sealing system essentially determine the reliability and performance of your equipment.

Chesterton Customseal’s high-performance cylinder repair kits are designed to extend equipment operation time between maintenance intervals. These kits help companies manage costs and maintain margins by optimizing the value of equipment investments.

Chesterton’s proprietary thermoset polymer technologies offer high abrasion and cut resistance. Our unique seal geometries are specifically designed to offset known sealing issues related to pressure spikes, side loading, contamination, and low-pressure leakage.

Chesterton Customseal offers

Turnkey custom cylinder repair kits have proven to extend hours of operation.

Skilled in-field technical support, on-site inspection, and troubleshooting

Experienced engineers sealing experts for application know-how

Aftermarket Kit Offerings:

  • Hitachi/Excavators EX1100, 1200, 1800, 1900, 2500, 3600, 5500
  • CAT / trucks 777, 785, 789, 793
  • CAT/Loaders: 980, 988, 990, 992, 994
  • CAT Dozers: D9, D10, D11

We provide custom kit to meet your business needs.

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In the world of mining, hydraulic excavators are among one of the most important engineering innovations in a new generation of large mining machinery designed to increase output and expand production.