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The hydropower industry is perhaps one of the most dynamic and ever-changing industries out there. With a constantly fluctuating demand for smarter and cleaner ways to process water and distribute it to those who need it, the technology within hydropower plants must be constantly updated with the newest equipment and solutions.
This is where Chesterton Customseal can help. With hydropower and renewable energy in high demand in this environmentally conscious day and age, power plants cannot be constantly burdened with leaks and stoppages.

Chesterton Customseal can increase equipment performance and reliability with state-of-the-art sealing technologies in the industry. Our seal design and advanced polymer materials keep oil in the turbine hub and keep debris out for exceptional performance. Our sealing solutions provide extension of service life, higher reliability and improved performance.

Smarter and Cleaner Way to Process Water

Chesterton Customseal is well-known in the industry for its specialty hydraulic seals. From rod seals to wipers, these seals have the potential to perform to excellent standards within the hydropower industry.
The Chesterton Cutsomeal hydraulic seals are designed specifically to reduce costs, increase productivity and process reliability.

Chesterton Customseal offer:

  • Skilled and experienced technical team with extensive field experience and far-reaching knowledge in the hydropower industry
  • Standard and Custom engineered sealing designs and solutions
  • Abrasion-resistant customisable seals designs for excellent performance in hydraulic applications
  • Wide range of sizes and premium material

Whatever challenges your hydropower plant is facing, Chesterton Customseal has the solutions to help you face them.

Chesterton Customseal can offer anything from GVS to Servo, and MIV seals to any size or profile, from our Chesterton Customseal local facility and Chesterton overseas production facilities.

Gushing Water at Hydro station

Kaplan Blade Runner Seals

Chesterton Customseal’s innovative split, interlock, polymer sealing technology was designed for use in blade pitch control systems, found in Kaplan turbine runners, to improve reliability and minimise environmental concerns. The bi-directional seal design allows for precise positioning of blades while sealing the hydraulic fluid in and river water out.

  • Interlock design seals oil in and water out
  • Proprietary low friction polymer enables accurate blade positioning
  • Split design minimizes turbine downtime and maintenance costs

Polymer SealsPolymer Seals for Wicket Gates

Chesterton Customseal experts have developed tailored sealing solutions, for wicket gate cylinders, that provide long-term reliability. Our abrasion-resistant polymer materials with robust designs that accommodate these slow, rotary, oscillating equipment conditions are ideal for cold water service use.

  • High-integrity, reliable sealing for slow, rotary, oscillating applications
  • Unique designs eliminate continual adjustments
  • Durable polymer material compensates

It's all about the seal

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The hydropower industry, in particular, has a constant demand for specific and highly technical and customised solutions. Chesterton Customseal offers state of the art sealing solutions from large to small diameters. Chesterton Customseal, with our dedicated team, can provide the right seal for any type of challenge and environment. But Chesterton Customseal doesn’t just develop the right solution for your toughest applications. Chesterton Customseal assists you with choosing the right materials and installation process to reduce plant downtime and, more importantly, maintenance costs.