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Premium Materials

In addition to the choice of the basic sealing material, Chesterton Customseal has a good range of innovative products to offer high-quality and high-performance seals. An example is the development of metal detectable elastomers.
The sealing components produced from metal detectable elastomers provide additional contamination detection screening for the food and beverage industry. Some metals can be detected by metal detection and X-ray equipment in fragments of only 2 millimetres (mm). Considering this, it is more desirable to prevent contamination in the first place – contamination events are often very expensive, with investigations, scrapping of the product, cleaning and replacement of seals and gaskets as required. Chesterton Customseal offers a solution for every challenge.

Custom Engineered Seals

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Chesterton Customseal offers custom-made high-performance seals, specialising in the complete sealing service for the food and beverage industries.
We provide our customers with customised sealing solutions to meet specific requirements, offering a wide range of materials and speed of service. Chesterton Customseal has a dedicated application engineering service that works close to customers like you to find your specific application’s optimal solution.
Ask our experts for advice on how to best support your requirements. We will provide you with an effective and efficient solution based on our extensive technical and service experience.