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Seals used within chemical processing must be robust enough to withstand a variety of harsh substances and be placed under constant duress – including extremes of temperature and high-pressure processes. Chemical and process seals must benefit from three key characteristics to provide the reliability and longevity necessary in this demanding and competitive industry.

They must be:

  1. Strong and robust
  2. Able to resist excessively high and low temperatures
  3. Have incredible resistance to a variety of aggressive media

Chemical Seals & Process Seals: The Challenges

The productivity and performance of any chemical plant are directly impacted by the integrity and durability of the seals. These tiny elements are essential for reliability, preventing leaks from within and unwanted substances from infiltrating the process.

One of the greatest issues when it comes to seals used within the chemical industry is the variety of sub-sectors and the different seal requirements of each. Organic chemicals require a different sealing solution than inorganic, basic chemical needs differ from fine and so on.

In addition to this variety of harsh and often toxic media, there’s also the issue of seal design that perfectly suits the individual asset. They must also be resistant to cleaning products and conform to various industry requirements.

Sealing Solutions for Chemical Applications

The two most important aspects of reliable sealing solutions are the design and the material from which they’re constructed. Cutting-edge, chemical resistant polymers and plastics are critical in upscaling reliability, allowing for high productivity levels and ensuring that plants conform to their environmental responsibilities.

At Chesterton Customseal, our seal designers have perfected a wide variety of solutions to address real challenges in all areas of chemical production. By utilising the latest technology and industry-specific knowledge, chemical-resistant process seals for pumps, gaskets, valves, couplings, and gaskets come in off-the-shelf and bespoke designs, providing an industry-leading solution for even the most complex of needs.

Chesterton Customseal seals to improve the performance and longevity of chemical equipment from rapidly changing extremes of temperatures to the harshest of abrasive chemicals. This results in extended maintenance intervals, increased production, greater value, and enhanced system performance, which also plays a vital role in helping adhere to a company’s environmental responsibilities.

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