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Taking the Mystery out of Mechanical Seals

  • Industry: Hydropower
  • Product Type: Mechanical Seals

Understanding foundational concepts of seal design is crucial for optimal equipment performance.
Our brief paper explores five key features of good mechanical seal design, providing technical reasons for their benefits. This knowledge empowers you to engage confidently with suppliers and make informed decisions, ensuring efficient equipment operation.
Explore our white paper for deeper insights.
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Improving the reliability and efficiency of Kaplan Turbines for Hydropower with Engineered Polymer Seals

  • Industry: Hydropower
  • Product Type: Engineered Polymer Seals

Hydropower is an important source of renewable energy around the world. Maximising the efficiency and reliability of the performance and operation of turbines at hydroelectric power plants is crucial to hydropower remaining an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Download now.

Advances in sealing systems for water turbine main shafts

  • Industry: Hydropower
  • Product Type: Equipment Monitoring Systems - IoT, Mechanical Seals

Since the first hydropower turbine was designed and installed, sealing the turbine’s main shaft has presented significant design challenges to turbine designers, operations, and maintenance headaches for hydropower plant personnel. Issues such as leakage rates, component wear and corrosion, costs of cooling water filtration, treatment of leaking water in the turbine pit, and ease of maintenance and operation must be considered. Download now.