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Taking the Mystery out of Mechanical Seals

  • Industry: Hydropower
  • Product Type: Mechanical Seals

Understanding foundational concepts of seal design is crucial for optimal equipment performance.
Our brief paper explores five key features of good mechanical seal design, providing technical reasons for their benefits. This knowledge empowers you to engage confidently with suppliers and make informed decisions, ensuring efficient equipment operation.
Explore our white paper for deeper insights.
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Concrete Sealing Solutions

  • Industry: Concrete / Cement
  • Product Type: ARC Industrial Coating

Concrete reigns supreme in construction, prized for its strength and adaptability. Yet, it faces a barrage of challenges – from temperature shifts to chemical exposure. To bolster its resilience, sealers offer a solution. This white paper explores the diverse array of sealing technologies, from penetrating to surface-based, and their application methods. By reducing porosity and enhancing surface hardness, these techniques promise to fortify concrete against the elements, ensuring longevity in any environment. Download now.

Enhancing Operational Resilience in the Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Industry: Pulp and Paper
  • Product Type: AMPS™ Active Loading Technology, ARC Industrial Coating, Engineered Polymer Seals, Equipment Monitoring Systems - IoT, Industrial Lubricants and MRO products, Mechanical Seals, Packing and Gaskets

The Pulp and Paper industry has evolved from labor-intensive manual processes to modern machine-run operations, emphasizing the critical importance of equipment longevity and extending Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for financial health. Selecting optimal equipment, components, and coatings based on key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital for cost reduction. With extensive industry experience and satisfied clients, Chesterton® is well-positioned to enhance plant productivity and longevity. In the following, we'll explore challenges in the Pulp and Paper industry and offer considerations for resolution. Download now.

Common Corrosion Types in Wastewater Systems and How to Select the Most Suitable Protective Coating

  • Industry: Concrete / Cement, Wastewater
  • Product Type: ARC Industrial Coating

This paper examines different corrosion types in water infrastructure, discusses root causes, and highlights their impact on surfaces. It also offers compatible coating solutions and identifies key performance indicators for decision-making. Download now.

Submersible Pump Monitoring Chesterton Connect™ System Solves Pump Maintenance Challenges in the Wastewater Industry

  • Industry: Wastewater
  • Product Type: Equipment Monitoring Systems - IoT

The primary objective of sewage treatment is to eliminate impurities to produce safe effluent, preventing water pollution. A rising issue is clogs caused by 'flushable' wipes, incurring costly repairs. Chesterton Connect™ detects clogging-induced vibrations in submersible pumps, averting pump damage. Download now.

PFAS – What are they and why are they critical to Sealing Devices?

  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Product Type: Engineered Polymer Seals, Packing and Gaskets

As the world struggles with the challenge of addressing PFAS materials, it is essential to note that not all PFAS are hazardous. A singular approach is not sensible for the future, especially with the increasing demand for necessary products containing fluoropolymers and fluoroelastomers. Download now.

How to select the most suitable Concrete Coating Solution in the Water and Wastewater Industry

  • Industry: Concrete / Cement, Wastewater
  • Product Type: ARC Industrial Coating

This paper will explore the various forms of corrosion affecting water infrastructure potable and wastewater systems, categorize the main types, provide examples and explanations for their root causes, and demonstrate their impact on surfaces, whether uncoated or coated with an incompatible technology. Download now.

Improving the reliability and efficiency of Kaplan Turbines for Hydropower with Engineered Polymer Seals

  • Industry: Hydropower
  • Product Type: Engineered Polymer Seals

Hydropower is an important source of renewable energy around the world. Maximising the efficiency and reliability of the performance and operation of turbines at hydroelectric power plants is crucial to hydropower remaining an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Download now.

FITT Resources keeps Sydney Water pumping

  • Industry: Wastewater
  • Product Type: ARC Industrial Coating, Engineered Polymer Seals, Equipment Monitoring Systems - IoT, Industrial Lubricants and MRO products, Mechanical Seals, Packing and Gaskets

In July 2020, Sydney Water launched its new infrastructure and delivery model – P4S: Partnering for Success – designed to simplify procurement, optimise value throughout the supply chain, and deliver $4 billion of construction works and services between 2020 and 2030. Water and wastewater specialists, and Chesterton distributor, FITT Resources successfully tendered to undertake work in three main areas under this new delivery model, namely the repair and overhaul of submersible pumping units, centrifugal pumping units and positive displacement pumping units, with work commencing in April 2021. Download now.

Advances in sealing systems for water turbine main shafts

  • Industry: Hydropower
  • Product Type: Equipment Monitoring Systems - IoT, Mechanical Seals

Since the first hydropower turbine was designed and installed, sealing the turbine’s main shaft has presented significant design challenges to turbine designers, operations, and maintenance headaches for hydropower plant personnel. Issues such as leakage rates, component wear and corrosion, costs of cooling water filtration, treatment of leaking water in the turbine pit, and ease of maintenance and operation must be considered. Download now.