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Submersible Pump Monitoring Chesterton Connect™ System Solves Pump Maintenance Challenges in the Wastewater Industry

The primary objective of sewage treatment is to eliminate impurities from sewage to generate treated effluent suitable for release into the environment or for a designated reuse purpose. This approach safeguards against water pollution from the discharge of untreated sewage.

A growing concern in the wastewater sector pertains to the obstruction of pipes and pumps within the collection systems and initial stages of sewage treatment. A key contributing factor has been the widespread usage of so-called “flushable” wipes and other non-disposable materials, leading to significant problems with clogs in wet wells and incurring substantial repair expenses.

Discover how Chesterton Connect™ has identified vibrations induced by these clogging issues in submersible pumps, thereby aiding in preventing pump damage.

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