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Breaking down the facts on food-grade and biodegradable lubricants

Thanks to the rising global interest in saving the environment and the importance of corporate social responsibility, companies are now looking for more sustainable and earth-friendly ways to produce food and beverages. However, sustainable alternatives still need to deliver high performance and support the peak efficiency of production machinery. Luckily, innovative biodegradable and food-grade lubricants are already available for the industry to consider.

Did you know that most biodegradable packaging may still contain hazardous and even toxic materials? Over the past few years, numerous studies have shown that many of these biodegradable materials aren’t as green as we think them to be. While they do break down faster in soil, we’re discovering that up to 30 per cent of the material can still be non-degradable.

Download our free whitepaper to learn more about the important things to keep in mind when considering biodegradability, and find out how some of our customers are making the switch from USP white oil to 650 AML.

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