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October 17, 2023

The Latest Pulp and Paper Industry Trends: What to Expect in 2024

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With 2024 fast approaching, many businesses in the industry are looking forward to the future and considering what the new year will bring. We live in an increasingly digital and automated world, and the Pulp & Paper industry is no different. The last few years have seen an explosion of tech advances implemented in the industry, and 2024 is predicted to continue this trend. This shift towards digitalisation and automation will continue transforming the sector, changing operations and equipment functionality.

Automate in 2024 with Chesterton Connect

 Chesterton Connect™

Chesterton Connect™

Smart monitors are a must-have maintenance support tool that ensures all equipment processes run efficiently. Chesterton Connect is an advanced apparatus designed to monitor assets continually, capturing real-time data 24/7 and providing valuable information about:

  • Processing pressures
  • Processing temperatures
  • Equipment vibration
  • Surface temperatures

The Benefits of using the system include: 

  • Spot issues to allow early intervention to uptime threats
  • Pinpoint issues that cause difficult-to-discover failures
  • Predict potential future problems via data trends
  • Allow for preventative action to extend productivity
  • Detect processing instabilities early
  • Prioritise equipment maintenance easily
  • Modernise plant operations
  • Assist in cost reduction

Discover Centralised Control 

There will never be missed issues when interfacing with Chesterton Connect. All data and information are accessible via the user-friendly mobile app connected to multiple machine sensors. Each provides a comprehensive view of plant equipment and health, including predictions before equipment breaks down. This alert system will help prevent unplanned downtime and asset failure onsite or via an additional cloud system login to allow users to access data functionality from the office, home or on the road.

System control features include:

  • The ability to view multiple sensors on a single mobile app
  • Secure data access
  • Data export for analysis
  • Supported on all popular operating systems and browsers
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Replaceable battery for units

Any alerts can be viewed on the Chesterton Connect app and corrected quickly, improving the maintenance and repair processes before machinery breaks down and affects profitability. By avoiding disruption and optimising efficiency, Pulp & Paper plants can meet production targets in 2024.

Avoid Bearing Failure with LubriCup Lubrication Automation

Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM

LubriCup™ Lubrication Automation

LubriCup Automatic Grease Dispensers are designed for automation. When installed, these units deliver a precise amount of industrial grease or oil to where it should be in each part of the machinery. This eliminates human error and the cause of premature bearing failure – over and under -greasing, providing reliable, automated, and efficient lubrication.

  • Choose from single or multiple-point lubricators
  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Available in nitrogen-driven disposable units or electro-mechanical units with replaceable service packs

Ideal for:​

  • Environments where access is hazardous or inconvenient
  • Contaminated areas or processes
  • Ensuring reliable lubrication when your plant faces staff or PM shortages
  • Applications where reliability is critical

 Case Studies

Chesterton Connect™ Sensor/Cloud Helps Identify Root Failure Point for Split Case Pump

A Chesterton client was dealing with premature failures of a split case pump. These frequent issues caused more downtime than ideal, and the plant suffered. Two Chesterton Connect™ smart sensors were installed to monitor pump and mechanical seal conditions (vibration, process pressure, and temperature). Within days of installation, the sensor recorded spikes in vibration and pressure fluctuations in the middle of the night while no one was at the plant. Upon review of the Chesterton Connect™ Cloud graphed measurements, the incident was tied to a malfunctioning valve. The problem was addressed immediately, allowing the pump to return to normal operating conditions. This saved $6,500 in spare parts while avoiding downtime and associated labour cost.

Bearing reliability Chesterton® Lubri-cup EM and 615 high-temperature greases

The vertical bearing of the hydra pulper often failed due to severe conditions (water and chemicals). Lack of lubrication was also a significant concern due to the limited space available and the subsequent safety issue for grease application, which often led to frequent equipment failure. Chesterton specialists recommended the Chesterton Lubri-Cup and greases. The customer reported increased productivity and reliability. In the subsequent year, they never experienced bearing failure, and the automatic lubrication avoided hazards in the workplace.

Discover Chesterton

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