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March 11, 2021

Reduce Water Consumption With a Unique Combination of Chesterton Packing and Seals!

Category: Water and Wastewater

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Reduce Water Consumption With a Unique Combination of Packing and Spiral Trac™ or Mechanical Seals and Spiral Trac™

The art of water conservation is hot news, and it’s an aspect that applies to virtually every industry. From manufacturing to paper mills and everything in between, the failure to address water’s overuse is, quite literally, akin to flushing profits down the drain.

While the quality of seals tends to be pushed down the list of importance, not least because of their small size and hidden locations, they’re ignored at your peril. Ensuring seals’ integrity not only leads to substantial monetary savings, but it’s also an essential environmental responsibility as well.

The consumption of water around rotating equipment can be generally high. This represents high annual costs. Yet some adjustments to the smallest elements – the seals – is an effective way of actioning considerable savings.

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Enter the holy trinity from sealing specialists, Chesterton that is packing, Spiral Trac and mechanical seals.

  • The Spiral Trac™ advantage: One of the most common reasons behind seal failure is due to ineffective lubrication and cooling. Over time, solids build-up and seals degrade. While external flashes are commonly used to address the problem, they can be both environmentally and financially expensive. EnviroSeal SpiralTrac™ environmental controller is designed to be used with mechanical seals and packing to remove solids and provide a more effective and efficient cooling environment for either sealing element. This is achieved by allowing only the service liquid to circulate the sealing element (packing or mechanical seal faces), thus reducing, in many cases, the need for expensive external flushing water.
  • The importance of packing choice: Reducing water consumption requires a considered and staged approach. While using a single solution will provide a saving element, a true overhaul needs to be attacked from all angles. Standard packing, while it might look to be the lowest-cost choice, can have a short lifespan. This results in ever-increasing leakages, heavy sleeve wear, ongoing maintenance and – in worst-case scenarios – emergency repairs, unexpected downtime and even catastrophic damage.

Chesterton Sealing specialist has a range of packing options that can dramatically reduce the need for flush water or eliminate it altogether.

  • Finish the trio with mechanical seals: Embracing split seal technology has revolutionised rotating equipment longevity. Such seals provide leak-free operation – typically for years – eliminate excessive sleeve/shaft wear and, when used with a Spiral Trac™, reduce flush water usage and minimise equipment corrosion. Not only does this have a dramatic effect on costs, but it also extends the time between maintenance tasks and reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns.

This hallowed threesome has been carefully crafted to work in conjunction with each other to reduce water consumption actively, and therefore costs, in rotating equipment.

Chesterton’s creative design team are wholly committed to providing real-world solutions that reduce maintenance tasks, improve asset longevity, increase ROI and address environmental concerns.

To find out more about the ease and cost-effectiveness of cutting-edge packing and seal technology, contact us today.

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