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Our spring energised seals include:

  • Cantilever
  • Elliptical coil
  • Helical wound spring design
  • Stacked V-rings

Spring-energised seals are used in a broad range of rotary, reciprocating, oscillating, and stationary fluid power and material process equipment/systems.

Primary industrial areas for use include:

  • Oil & Gas Industry (upstream and downstream)
  • Aerospace
  • Instrumentation
  • Chemical processing
  • Energy sector
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Transportation
  • Automotive

Download our Chesterton Customseal Profile Chart and Materials

Series 100: Cantilever spring design for highly dynamic applications

Series 100: Cantilever Spring Design for Highly Dynamic Applications

These custom seals are primarily used in highly dynamic rotary and reciprocating equipment applications because the spring design allows for high deflection with minimal loading. This is the most popular series for spring-energized seal designs due to unique attributes which help to maximize seal and hardware life.

  • Highly dynamic applications for plant-wide usage
  • Unidirectional designs, available as rod, piston, flange, or static seals
  • Single point profile yields high sealability while minimizing the frictional force
  • All seals made to order, no equipment modifications required
  • Custom designs and materials available upon request​​
Series 200: Elliptical coil design accommodates excessive tolerances or misalignment

Series 200: Elliptical Coil Design Accommodates Excessive Tolerances or Misalignment

Elliptical coil spring-energized seals are commonly used in rotary, reciprocating, and static applications where hardware tolerances are relatively large or a miniature seal is required. Elliptical coil spring designs allow for minimal deflection while applying intermediate loads.

  • ​Designed to accommodate equipment with large tolerances; plant-wide usage
  • Unidirectional design; accommodates excessive tolerances or misalignment
  • All seals made to order; no equipment modifications required
  • Miniature profiles; accommodates small equipment
  • Available as internal, external, or pressure face seals
Series 300: Helical wound design for slow speed/Static applications

Series 300: Helical Wound Design for Slow Speed/Static Applications

This custom seal has excellent loading capabilities with minimal deflection, making it ideal for use ​in static applications, slow speeds, extremely low temperatures,​ and/or infrequent dynamic conditions when friction and wear are secondary concerns.

  • Unidirectional design for slow speed and static applications
  • Helical wound spring design with high-load minimal deflection
  • Concentrated load design when friction and wear are secondary concerns
  • All seals made to order; no equipment modifications required
  • Custom designs and materials available upon request
Series 500: Stacked set, high-performance, multi-purpose V-rings

Series 500: Stacked Set, High-Performance, Multi-Purpose V-Rings

​These stacked V-Rings sets are specifically designed to accommodate hardware with deep stuffing boxes. They are used in both rotary and reciprocating applications and are available in solid and split designs, depending upon your application requirements.​​

  • ​Unidirectional design accommodates hardware with deep stuffing boxes
  • Multi-purpose stacked sets available in solid and split designs
  • All seals made to order; no equipment modifications required
  • Custom designs and materials available upon request​
Series 600: Continuous profile

Series 600: Continuous Profile

Consists of a U-shaped, heavy-duty, high-load spring that is best for challenging static sealing conditions. Good for static and slow oscillating motion, particularly under cryogenic and vacuum conditions or where gas leakage is a particular issue.

Chesterton Customseal spring-energised seals

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