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Chesterton Customseal Engineered Polymer Sealing Solutions

Chesterton Customseal’s reputation has been built on providing custom solutions, designed to meet your desired performance and budget targets. We can also offer hundreds of standard computerised profiles for both hydraulic and pneumatic sealing applications, a range of raw materials imported from around the globe and most importantly speed of service unrivalled in the industry.

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We are specialised in:

Cylinder Seal Kits

Hydraulic Seals

Rotary Seals

Spring Energized Seals

Customised Polymer Seals

Specialised distributor of SKF machined seals

World-class material

Chesterton Customseal stocks a broad range of raw materials stretching from the patented Chesterton polymer materials to everyday plastics and rubbers. Servicing a variety of industries gives Chesterton Customseal access to just about anything in addition to manufacturing customised seals for unique solutions.

All MSDS and applicable certifications are available on request. We utilise a global range of state-of-art polymer, elastomer and plastic materials to provide both standard and more challenging customised solutions.

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