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October 18, 2023

Prevent Plant Issues with Chesterton Solutions

Category: Pulp & Paper

The Pulp & Paper industry, and with many others, is in the midst of worldwide digital and technological advances; however, preventing plant issues is still a daily challenge. Extra care and consideration are needed for companies to maintain competitiveness within the changing industrial landscape. Industrial machinery is prone to wear and tear, erosion, and corrosion, which pose a constant issue for equipment. However, maintenance is made easier with Chesterton’s range of products designed to withstand anything your Pulp & Paper plant can throw.

But often, plant issues can be traced to the smallest elements in a machine – the sealing system and how each single component functions. Embracing quality parts and technology will extend the machinery’s lifespan, and it all starts with bringing care to every sealing element. Read more below for Chesterton Customseal’s solutions that can make this a reality.

SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller

SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller


Introducing the SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller device designed to save flush water usage and to extend packing and mechanical seal lifespan. This vital kit is a must in the Pulp & Paper industry – its specially engineered system transforms and controls the internal stuffing box environment in rotating process equipment. SpiralTrac will help reduce downtime and extend equipment life when implemented into a system. SpiralTrac does this by:

  • Removing particulates from the stuffing box (and away from packing or mechanical seals)
  • Permitting air to evacuate the stuffing box upon flooding to retain cooling
  • Minimises heat build-up in the stuffing box by creating circulation around seal faces.​

Unique versions are designed to work with both Chesterton mechanical seals and packing, with SpiralTrac acting as a modifier for flows inside rotating equipment.

Split Seals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A split seal is what it says – it has components that split into two halves, secured as one on the equipment turning shaft. The significant advantage of split seal design is that it allows installation without dismantling equipment, saving time and resources while improving safety and environmental compliance. Chesterton is a world-leading designer and innovator of split seals. Chesterton is the world leader in the design innovation of split seals and when this technology is used in Pulp & Paper plant and equipment, it provides exceptional​​ ​results and leak-free operations, which prevents further knock-on issues.

Pump Packing

Chesterton LubriCup™

Chesterton LubriCup™

​​​​​Pump packing is an ideal solution to control leakage and offers extensive applications for rotating equipment. These elements can be unique to your requirements in areas of design, selection, installation, testing, and much more. Chesterton’s innovative and award-winning packing solutions are known to reduce power requirements, result in less leakage, and lower the total life cycle costs of pumping systems. ​


Proper Equipment Lubrication with the Chesterton LubriCup™ Automatic Grease Dispensers and High-performance Grease Solutions can significantly influence industrial equipment and processes. Adequate lubrication is challenging in all industries; however, correct lubrication is vital for longevity and smooth production. Manual lubrication is susceptible to error. Issues arising may include:

  • Ensuring optimal greasing of components
  • Providing neither under nor over-greasing
  • The need to halt production to lubricate parts
  • Machine contamination and containment issues

Implementing industrial-grade technologies with additional automation can dramatically improve efficiency and dependability, creating a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Case Study

Split Seal & SpiralTrac® Solution Reduces Maintenance and Water Use

A wastewater treatment facility has 10 RAS (Return Activated Sludge) solids handling pumps. These pumps have been sealed using packing and replacement sleeves for several years with major leakage and premature sleeve wear (due to packing abrasion). The customer was looking for an easy way to install a solution to increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and reduce downtime and repair costs. The packing was replaced on one trial pump with Chesterton solutions, including Split Seals and SpiralTrac®. After a few months of leak-free operation, the customer was so pleased with the plant performance they converted the nine remaining packed pumps to Chesterton solutions.

Discover Chesterton®

Chesterton is a world leader in improving the reliability and efficiency of equipment in the Pulp and paper industry. We are known across a wide range of international industries for our award-winning sealing solutions, application expertise, equipment maintenance, and wear-prevention products. Every product is complemented with knowledgeable, hands-on local service as standard. For more information on any of these products and more, visit the Chesterton website or contact our team.


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