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Chesterton Connect™ Intrinsically Safe Certified Sensor

Asia Pacific - September 1, 2021

For Use in Most Gas and Dust Hazardous Environments

Perth, Western Australia – 01/09/21

A. W. Chesterton Company, a leader in equipment sealing and reliability, has released its latest Equipment Monitoring IoT innovation – Chesterton Connect™ Intrinsically Safe Certified Sensor.

This version release of Chesterton’s IoT wireless monitoring product line is certified for use on equipment and structures in most hazardous environments dealing with high pressures, high temperatures, and flammable liquids.  It is rated for Class 1/Division 1 (gas, vapour environments) and Class 2/Division 1 (dust environments) and IP66 for outdoor use.  Connect Intrinsically Safe Certified sensor is Chesterton’s complete pump and seal remote monitoring system for use in these critical environments.

‘’Intrinsic Safety” is the electrical protection that allows the sensor to be used in hazardous areas with either dust or gases that can ignite.  The sensor contains safety features within electronics that prevent the sensor from becoming a source for ignition.

Using Bluetooth® technology and a robust design to withstand harsh environments, the Chesterton Connect Intrinsically Safe sensor makes it easy to monitor:

  • Equipment vibration
  • Process temperature
  • Process pressure
  • Surface temperature

Easy to install, Chesterton Connect™ IS Version combined with the user-friendly app allows you to connect to multiple sensors providing you with a comprehensive view of your plant’s equipment health. By setting thresholds, the mobile app and in unit’s LED display system alerts you of undesirable events. This alert system helps you better allocate resources to avoid unplanned downtime and asset failure. The data can be exported for analysis to help you understand your equipment’s operation and take preventative actions to extend productivity.

About A.W. Chesterton Company

Operating in over 100 countries around the world, Chesterton is recognized as a leading provider of knowledge backed solutions and expert service for Rotary, Stationary, and Fluid Power equipment supported by a comprehensive line of industrial fluid sealing solutions, high-performance protective coatings, and specialty industrial lubrication. ​ A.W. Chesterton Company operates in Asia Pacific through our distributors’ partner strategically located to support Asia Pacific market. https://chestertoncustomseal.com.au/partners-chesterton-products/

Through our distributors’ network, we work with companies across all major industries to help you achieve higher levels of equipment reliability, efficiency, and compliance. We increase the overall competitiveness of our customers by helping to solve real-world equipment and process issues to reduce their costs and increase their profit margins.

Chesterton Connect™ Intrinsically Safe Certified Sensor is available in APAC for Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore only through our partners’ channel.

Regional Manager Contact Asia Pacific
Michael Wachinger – Regional Manager
Email: michael.wachinger@chesterton.com

Media Marketing Contact Asia Pacific
Sara Bezzan – Marketing Manager
Email: sara.bezzan@chesterton.com

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