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Chesterton AMPS™ (Automated Mechanical Packing System)

Asia Pacific - March 6, 2022

Maximize Performance with AMPS™ Active Loading Technology

Chesterton® AMPS (Automated Mechanical Packing System) technology offers a unique approach to automatic loading of braided packing in rotating equipment.

AMPS Piston Actuator This technology helps keep leakage low, reduces maintenance, and improves sealing performance. It also enhances operator safety by allowing for remote gland load management.

AMPS Technology from Chesterton
The AMPS Unit automatically adjusts to stuffing box pressure changes to keep a constant energizing force on the packing at all times. This process, known as Active Loading, maintains a uniform and consistent load that eliminates manual packing adjustments and maximizes performance and packing life.​​​

Case Study: AMPS™ Packing Technology Provides No-Torque Sealing for Difficult to Access Turbines

A hydroelectric station had several old turbines in a difficult location where it was impossible for staff to adjust packing while in operation. As packing lost compression over time, significant leakage occurred, leading to unplanned and costly shutdowns.​​​
DualPac 2212 Severe Slurry Packing was installed using Chesterton® AMPS Technology.
  • MPS technology applies the necessary compression for the packing and provides a long-lasting, smooth operation.
  • Costly shutdowns related to excess leakage were prevented.
  • Costs from excessive leakage were lowered and plant safety increased.
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