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Chesterton 442C™ XL Cartridge Split Seal Lowers Manpower Costs, Downtime, and Safety Concerns Involved in Operating Large Pumps and Equipment

Asia Pacific - June 21, 2021

Perth, Western Australia – 21/6/21

Fits Shaft Sizes from 5.00″ (125 mm) up to 7.75″ (195 mm)

Chesterton, a global leader in sealing technology and enhancing equipment reliability, has expanded its popular cartridge split seal product line to fit even larger pumps and rotating equipment with the introduction of the 442C XL Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal.

Unlike traditional seals which require equipment disassembly to install and replace, cartridge split seals can be installed and replaced around the equipment shaft, avoiding costly, significant downtime, and potential safety issues. As equipment increases in size, such as major water utilities pumps moving around thousands of gallons per minute, the savings and uptime of using a split seal are amplified.

Across the globe, Chesterton has installed over 10,000 of its flagship 442/442C Split Seals. The new 442C XL fits rotating equipment with shafts ranging from 5.00″ (125 mm) up to 7.75″ (195 mm).

“Customers involved in the development of this seal have been delighted.” explains Steve Bullen, Chesterton Global Product Director for Mechanical Seals. “On average, it’s taken them less than one hour to effectively install the 442C XL and return equipment back to service. That’s a huge difference from their typical seal installation. Customers also have confidence in Chesterton from using our other split seals families, which have an impressive record of reliability.”

The 442C XL also offers special features for accurate and more simplified installation:

  • Spring Carrier Plate: Reduces installation errors and protects critical components during installation
  • Unique O-Ring Grooves: Greater sealing capability for use in more applications
  • Automatic Self-Aligning Faces:  Aligned and loaded automatically without manual handling
  • Interlocking Rotary Face:  Positively locates the face halves for greater sealing reliability.

Chesterton split mechanical seals are used successfully across many industries including Power, Chemical, and Water/Wastewater Industry. The 442C XL is ideal for applications ranging from river water intake pumps to boiler feed pumps, from slurry pumps to large pumping systems.


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