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Groveland, Massachusetts - November 27, 2019

New Chesterton ARC Industrial Coating Enhances
Surface Protection on Difficult-to-Cover Surfaces Such Heavily Pitted Steel and Concrete

ARC S1HB offers one-coat protection with UV luminescence  technology for easy, in-process inspection

Chesterton’s latest innovation in coating protection is ARC S1HB, a single coat, low VOC barrier coating that protects both metallic and cementitious surfaces from corrosive exposures. S1HB’s high-build, edge-retentive properties ensure maximum coating coverage over hard 90° edges and corners with minimal thinning at the sharp edges.
ARC S1HB includes a fluorescent pigment that enables applicators to perform immediate QC inspection using a portable, ASTM E2501-approved UV light source. Because these checks can be accomplished during the application, it speeds up the coating process and ensures higher initial quality.
“ARC S1HB enables in-process inspection to identify pinhole errors in coverages as small as 0.25 mils. At the same time, it ensures uniformity of coverage and film thickness” says Stephen Bowditch, Director of Product Line Management for ARC Coatings. “The end result will almost always be a longer-lasting, better performing coating installation.”

ARC S1HB is a micro-glass reinforced, amidoamine-cured, modified epoxy lining. It can be applied as a one-coat system or used as a primer coat for two-coat systems. ARC S1HB bonds and cures to damp and marginally prepared surfaces. It is resistant to a broad spectrum of corrosive agents including H2S, hydrocarbons, wastewater flows, brackish and marine water exposures, as well as mild acid and caustic solutions.
ARC S1HB Coating is suited for structures such as:

  • Crude oil storage tanks
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Thickener tanks
  • Pipelines/penstocks
  • Wastewater clarifiers
  • Grit chambers
  • Wet wells/Junction boxes
  • Manholes

ARC S1HB is acceptable for use with cathodic protection systems, has high dielectric properties, allowing high voltage spark testing per NACE SP 0188.

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