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Groveland, Massachusetts - October 7, 2019

Chesterton Introduces Grout Resurfacer Coating to Help Improve the Safety of Damaged Concrete Flooring

ARC EG-1 rebuilds large eroded sections of industrial concrete flooring and can be used to create concrete elements such as pump bases.

ARC EG-1 is a rapid setting epoxy grout from Chesterton that helps industrial plants and other commercial facilities repair large, eroded/uneven sections of concrete flooring back to a level grade. It can also be used to “form” concrete elements such as pier supports, pump bases, curbs and containments. The product is normally applied at a depth of ¼” up to 12”.

ARC EG-1 is a 100% solids, three-part epoxy grout which uses a low viscosity, moisture tolerant epoxy chemistry, reinforced with a pigmented and graded dry blend of silica aggregates. It can be quickly top coated with other ARC coatings for improved chemical or mechanical protection.
ARC EG-1 bonds firmly to dry or damp concrete, making the substrate dimensionally stable and suitable for top coating with compatible Chesterton coatings for improved chemical resistance. It is easily applied by trowel and sets fast to allow for quick overcoating in as little as 6 hours.

The product is ideal for applications where concrete rebuilding and resurfacing is required and acts as a stable surface for subsequent topcoat application when required. ARC EG-1 is available in grey in a Patch Kit or Bulk Kit.

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