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Perth - January 20, 2023

The AW Chesterton company is pleased to announce the availability of their EG-1 FC Rapid setting epoxy grout. EG-1 FC is a 3-part, 100% solids, aggregate reinforced epoxy grout with surface tolerant chemistry allowing for application without the need for a primer. When applied, the EG-1 FC cures foot traffic service conditions within 2 hours and accepts 6000 psi tow motor traffic service within 8 hours. Common applications of concrete repair include patching and repairing spalled or damaged surfaces, pitching and grading for improved drainage, and resurfacing and levelling damaged concrete for subsequent top coating.

Stephen Bowditch, Chesterton’s Global Product Line Director, states, “The EG-1 FC allows plant maintenance personnel to repair slip, trip and fall hazards associated with spalled flooring quickly, safely, and easily. It can also be used to rebuild containment berms, pump bases and tank pads. ARC EG-1 FC also readily accepts several of Chesterton’s chemically resistant ARC Industrial Coatings topcoat systems such as CS2, CS4, NVE Veil Coat, as well as 791 and 988 quartz reinforced toppings.”. EG-1 FC can be applied up to 12” deep in a single application and cures down to 35°F (2°C).

Application Areas: 

  • Fill Spalled Areas
  • Build Up Low Areas
  • Form Curbs and Pads
  • Patch Machinery Footprint Damage
  • Create Slope to Drains

Website Product Page: ARC EG-1 FC

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