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Perth - May 26, 2023

Introducing ARC SL-E Industrial Coating by Chesterton: a revolutionary 100% solids, low viscosity epoxy for floors and aisles. Offering durable protection, easy application, and high visibility, it outlasts traditional coatings, replacing tiles and enhancing workplace safety.

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Perth - January 20, 2023

Introducing EG-1 FC (Fast Curing) the new rapid-setting epoxy grout to repair/patch concrete surfaces.

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Perth - November 22, 2022

ARC S3 is a thin-film, alumina silicate-reinforced, sprayable coating for erosion and corrosion applications, with the added security of FDA compliance.

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377 CarbMax™ Packing

Perth - November 18, 2022

Chesterton 377 incorporates a special formulated inorganic dispersion applied throughout the packing braid which prevents penetration and migration of gases or liquids.

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1510 General Duty Single Cartridge Seal

Perth - October 20, 2022

Chesterton, a global leader in equipment sealing and reliability, has released its newest mechanical seal product – The 1510 General Duty Single Cartridge Seal.
Accompanying the recently released 1810/2810 high-performance seals, this seal represents another foundational component for Chesterton’s cartridge seal portfolio and future mechanical seal business.

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638 EMG – Electric Motor Grease

Perth - June 27, 2022

638 EMG comes in 400 gm cartridges, 18 Kg pails, and Chesterton’s automatic dispensers - Lubri-Cup™. The product can be used for electric motors that drive pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, conveyors, agitator,s etc.

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Chesterton 442C™ XL Cartridge Split Seal Lowers Manpower Costs, Downtime, and Safety Concerns Involved in Operating Large Pumps and Equipment

Asia Pacific - June 21, 2021

Chesterton, a global leader in sealing technology and enhancing equipment reliability, has expanded its popular cartridge split seal product line to fit even larger pumps and rotating equipment with the introduction of the 442C XL Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal.

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Chesterton Introduces Modular Cartridge Seals Built on the AXIUS™ Platform for Increased Flexibility and Control

Asia Pacific - April 16, 2020

A.W. Chesterton Company launches new single and double cartridge seals built on its new AXIUS™ modular seal platform. These modular seals enable customers to make quick seal face and feature changes around a standard seal base to meet varying applications quickly and economically.

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Groveland, Massachusetts - November 27, 2019

Chesterton’s latest innovation in coating protection is ARC S1HB, a single coat, low VOC barrier coating that protects both metallic and cementitious surfaces from corrosive exposures.

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Lubri-Cup™ EM-VS

Groveland, Massachusetts - October 31, 2019

Adding to its line of automatic grease dispensers for industrial equipment, Chesterton now offers Lubri-Cup EM-VS, an electro-mechanical grease dispenser with a vibration sensing module for use with standby equipment.

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Groveland, Massachusetts - October 7, 2019

ARC EG-1 rebuilds large eroded sections of industrial concrete flooring and can be used to create concrete elements such as pump bases.

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NSF 61 Certified Mechanical Seals

Groveland, Massachusetts - September 30, 2019

To meet the growing demand for certified drinking water supplies, Chesterton has expanded its offering of NSF 61 certified mechanical seals to include all its single cartridge seals as well as split seals.

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