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August 14, 2023

Maintenance Planning for Water Plants

Category: Marine / Port, Water and Wastewater

Staying ahead of maintenance planning in the water and wastewater industry is both challenging and necessary. Regular and proactive upkeep of the plant, equipment, and facility will prevent breakdowns and extend equipment MTBF. A reactive approach, however, will have the team constantly fighting fires and issues as they arise to ensure operations continue. Monitoring and control systems that utilise up-to-date automation technology can significantly help revolutionise workflow and prevent problems before they occur. Using data acquisition tools, pump monitoring systems, and effective sealing products will ensure a plant can run to full capacity.

Automate with Chesterton Connect

Chesterton Connect™ is an advanced intelligent monitoring system for sealing systems and pumps, making it ideal for water and wastewater companies. Once in place, it works via sensors connected by Bluetooth to an app where it sends continual monitoring data on equipment operations, making insight and prediction possible. There will never be confusion when interfacing with Chesterton Connect. The mobile app and the in-unit LED display will alert maintenance about occurring or possible upcoming events that may impact functionality. This alert system will help prevent unplanned downtime and asset failure – data can even be sent to the cloud, allowing user access from anywhere.

Chesterton Connect is an advanced device that captures real-time data 24/7 and offers valuable information about:

  • Process pressures
  • Process temperatures
  • Equipment vibration
  • Surface temperatures

The Benefits of using the system include: 

  • Spot issues to allow early intervention to uptime threats
  • Pinpoint issues that cause difficult-to-discover failures
  • Predict potential future problems via data trends
  • Allow for preventative action to extend productivity
  • Detect processing instabilities early
  • Prioritise equipment maintenance easily
  • Modernise plant operations
  • Assist in cost reduction

Extend MTBF with Top-Quality Seals

Sealing may be a seemingly small element in the maintenance food chain, but these can often be vital to preventing problems. Chesterton Customseal’s range of high-performance hydraulic and pneumatic seals is crafted from exclusive polymer materials. This makes each item ideal for demanding industrial sealing applications in water facilities. Our technical expertise means we can offer a comprehensive range of trusted quality products manufactured in various profiles, sizes, designs, and premium materials. This bespoke approach enables us to provide custom seals and polymer sealing solutions to meet your needs and specifications.



Avoid Corrosion Damage with ARC Coatings

Chesterton’s highly experienced engineering staff are constantly working on new, innovative coating solutions to meet the needs of every industry we serve. Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coatings has a proven global track record of enhancing critical water and wastewater equipment and structures. These coatings protect metal and concrete from abrasion, erosion, and chemical attack, making them a solid choice for essential equipment and systems. Reduce maintenance load by sealing them before they have a chance to occur.

Use ARC Industrial Coatings to:

  • Revitalise worn equipment and damaged concrete surfaces previously considered irreparable
  • Provide cost-effective, long-term corrosion prevention compared to exotic alloys and conventional coatings
  • Increase operational efficiency frequently, resulting in a higher sustained output

Contact Chesterton 

Chesterton can provide bespoke solutions to overcome any water, wastewater, and hydro plant operation challenges. To explore these efficiency and money-saving options, contact one of our experts today.

This article was published in Inside Water Magazine.

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