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September 18, 2023

Keep Pumping and Improve Efficiency

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Energy efficiency is a hot topic in the Pump Industry. Environmental concerns, business costs, and the consciousness of reducing energy consumption are vital. With all this in mind, how can pump energy efficiency be improved? Pumping systems are energy-intensive and are widely used in many industries. Usage requirements, normal wear and tear, pipe build-up and sealing capabilities can lead to decreased efficiency. This may lead to long-term problems and high-power costs. Regular maintenance, monitoring, and using high-quality coatings and sealing systems are vital to long-term equipment efficiency and operations.


Limit Pipework Pressure Loss with Corrosion-Resistant Sealing

Pipework length, diameter, layout, and internal pipework, including the system layout, can also affect the pressure loss in a system. To increase efficiency, bends and changes in pipework should be kept to a minimum, with the diameter carefully selected, as smaller diameter pipework increases friction. Corrosion and rust can also increase resistance, so pipe maintenance is vital. For low friction and corrosion-resistant sealing, consider Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coatings. With a proven global track record of enhancing critical pump and equipment structures, the coating protects metal and concrete from abrasion, erosion, and chemical attack while reducing maintenance load by preventing problems before they occur.


Prevent Unnecessary Use and Breakdown

Automated control systems are essential to control and avoid issues that take up substantial power or lead to a breakdown. Energy consumption and operational efficiency can be reduced with a system such as  Chesterton Connect™. This Smart monitor is a must-have maintenance support tool that monitors asset processes continually, capturing real-time data 24/7 and providing valuable data. This data is accessible via the user-friendly mobile app connected to multiple sensors that provide a comprehensive view of plant equipment and health. The mobile app and the in-unit LED display will alert maintenance about occurring or possible upcoming events that may impact functionality. This alert system will help prevent unplanned downtime and asset failure. The system can also send data through a gateway system to the cloud, allowing the user to access even more data functionality from the office, home or on the road. Alerts can be viewed on the Chesterton Connect app and corrected quickly to prevent excess energy draw and machinery breakdowns.


Like any equipment, wear on pumps can reduce efficiency by 10-25% before replacement, making routine maintenance vital. Replacing worn parts and seals while utilising proper lubrication is essential to prevent leakage, minimise power requirements and increase productivity. Chesterton LubriCup and High-performance Grease Solutions can significantly improve equipment functioning and processes with automation. The automatic dispenser delivers exact amounts at correctly spaced intervals, eliminating common causes of premature bearing failure.


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This article was first featured in Pump Magazine.

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