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August 4, 2021

Is It Time To Consign Equipment Disassembly to the History Books?

Category: Mining

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The process of disassembling equipment to maintain and replace seals is a headache that every mining operation has had to live with. The process of extracting minerals from the earth has advanced dramatically over recent years, with most pumps and pumping systems being powered by hydraulic and electrical energy. However, the aspect of seal maintenance continues to be a challenge.

The maintenance and replacement of typical seals require the deconstruction of various equipment elements to get to the area. This leads to high maintenance and operating costs, including:

Additional labour to disassemble the equipment

  • Lifting equipment to facilitate the removal
  • The cost of replacing any incidental components
  • Downtime and production loss
  • Associated disruption to nearby services and plants

The importance of fully functioning seals is imperative for optimal mining equipment performance, yet the complications involved often lead to overly long periods between each service.

In addition to this, conventional sealing methods also come with a plethora of issues, such as:

  • Sleeve wear
  • Equipment damage and bearing failure
  • Excessive leakage
  • Increased operating cost due to sub-optimal performance

The Importance of Internal Pump Component

Using the right pump for the equipment and product being mined is essential. However, the choice of internal pump components should also be given equal care. Mechanical seals are a crucial element of pump reliability and are the ultimate consideration for every aspect of water drainage and treatments, no matter what the pump configuration.

The high abrasion of mining and slurry elements, combined with the costs of dismantling equipment to replace them, requires an innovative solution. The launch of the Chesterton Split Seal for Extra Large Shafts has been designed with this firmly in mind.

The Chesterton 442C & 442C XL Cartridge Split Mechanical Seals

Chesterton’s technologically advanced 442C split mechanical seal has been hailed a global success, with over 10,000 installed and offering multiple advantages. The launch of the XL version that fits into the 5” (125mm) – 7.75” (195mm) category brings this same, simple cartridge installation to larger assets.

From superior performance over traditional seals through to an extended lifespan, the 442C XL offers the following:

  • Easy to fit – no need for equipment disassembly
  • Shorter downtime periods – takes hours, not days, to fit
  • Less components to handle, thanks to its innovative design
  • Improves the health and efficiency of the machine
  • Requires minimal maintenance (unlike packing)
  • Designed to be utilised in the field – so no need to move equipment to a repair facility

Both the Chesterton 442C and 442C XL are certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and boast a simplified, reliable installation and operative process:

  • Spring carrier plate: This reduces the likelihood of installation errors and saves time
  • Unique O-ring grooves: Offers greater sealing capability and can be used in a wider range of applications
  • Automatic self-aligning faces: These align and compress automatically with no need for manual handling
  • Interlocking rotary face: Ensuring greater sealing reliability

The seals are highly resistant to both abrasion and chemical aggression, providing a lifespan that far outlives that of conventional seals and packing. In addition, their reliability and high-performance leads to savings in both power and water. They can also be easily and quickly maintained, replaced and repaired when necessary.

As with every purpose-designed seal solution designed by sealing experts, Chesterton, the 442C and 442C XL boast their five key seal features:

  • Balanced design
  • Non-fretting
  • Monolithic seal faces
  • Stationary design
  • Protected springs

In addition to mining, multiple other industries benefit from the novel solutions of these and other sealing advantages of Chesterton’s innovative designs. These include the power industry, water processing plants and the field of chemical processing.

To find out more visit https://chestertondocs.chesterton.com/Rotating/EN23193_442C_442C-XL_Bro.pdf

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