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February 23, 2023

Extending the Lifespan of Concrete with ARC Coating

Category: Cement

Concrete is one of the most widely used commercial products in the world. The advantages are many – it’s versatile, cheap and readily available. However, it also has one particular drawback:

It’s susceptible to erosion and abrasion damage and is easily damaged.

When it comes to industries, such as oil and gas, mining, utilities, infrastructure, chemical and more, the cost and effort of maintaining concrete elements can be substantial. Common issues include:

  • Thermal expansion and contractionCracked concrete
  • Cracking and delamination
  • Damage from mechanical processes
  • Destabilisation and damage from chemical exposure
  • Atmospheric exposure
  • Erosion and corrosion

But there is a solution. Coating concrete surfaces with an advanced solution can guard against premature failure of a surface or be used to repair areas already exposed to damage.

The Beauty of Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings, such as those designed by Chesterton ARC Industrial Coatings, can be game-changing. Using a technologically advanced formula, these easy-to-apply products can substantially increase concrete longevity, no matter the external challenges.

These include:

  • Chemical exposure: Concrete is alkaline in nature, meaning that chemical attack can be swift and cause extensive damage. Products, such as ARC CS4, provide a tough barrier against continuous exposure to low pH regions, no matter how high or low the ambient temperatures.
  • Concrete protection: Structural material is often subjected to physical and environmental erosion, abrasion and physical damage. Coatings, such as ARC 988, provide effective, long-term protection that dramatically increases the mean time to failure and associated maintenance effort and expense.
  • Concrete repair: Extensive damage demands a robust solution. ARC provides a range of vertical build, high build and concrete repair products that are easy to apply and cure far quicker than a conventional grout repair.
  • Industrial floors: These are commonly subjected to heavy traffic, chemical spills, and other physical attacks. ARCs range of coatings can be used during or after the construction of a floor for optimal protection. Such coatings are also suitable for damaged flooring areas, providing an effective and tough revitalisation option without the need for an expensive rebuild.

Chesterton ARC CS4

Chesterton ARC CS4

Chesterton ARC 988

Chesterton ARC 988

5 Reasons to Consider ARC Coating from Chesterton for Concrete Surfaces

  1. Reduced maintenance and increased longevity: ARC coatings are proven to extend the lifespan of concrete and positively impact a plant’s bottom line.
  2. Root cause evaluation and analysis evaluation: Purchase via specialist provider, Chesterton, and benefit from an expert evaluation service to determine the right ARC product for your needs.
  3. On-site technical support: Assistance to ensure that coating and concrete rebuild projects are carried out to specification for maximum benefits and longevity.
  4. Proven solution for a variety of industries: Including the challenging environments of mineral ore processing, chemical, pulp and paper and wastewater industries.
  5. An extensive global sales and support network: Allowing for all necessary sales and after-sales services across the planet. Chesterton’s extensive reach provides the benefits of a local team backed by the might of a global company.

 In short, the addition of an advanced ARC coating is one of the easiest ways to combat the challenge of concrete fatigue. Application is simple, curing is fast and the benefits are many.

This article was featured in Concrete in Australia Magazine

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