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July 19, 2023

Extending MTBF Within the Pulp & Paper Industry with Chesterton IOT

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Significant changes have taken place in the Pulp & Paper industry over the last few years, especially with worldwide digital and technological advances. But with industry growth for products including packaging, tissue papers, pulp for hygiene products, and textiles, the industry is still strong. Updating with the changing industrial landscape and embracing transformational technology is vital to keep your company competitive and profitable. Adopting tools that extend machinery lifespan and MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is essential. 

 What Affects MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) 

The Pulp & Paper industry and the associated machinery can be complex. Material processing can cause wear and tear, erosion, and corrosion, which pose a constant issue for equipment. A range of stressors can claim responsibility for the damage, including high-impact processing, slurry systems, dust and dirt, lack of lubrication, and more. Avoidance via regular maintenance requires information on the systemic problems as they happen or those that are about to occur. Prevention and quick attendance to issues as they arise is simplified with innovative products and technology. Reducing unnecessary downtime creates consistent output and cost savings while maximising profitability. 

 Unique Industry Pressures 

The Pulp & Paper industry is complex, with extensive variation between mills, the merchandise produced, and manufacturing processes. Effluents, effluent treatment, effective separation processing, membrane technologies, water recycling, prevention of corrosion and erosion of equipment, efficient machinery performance to decrease production time, and modules tolerant of hot temperatures are just a selection of areas that require unique solutions. These and many more aspects of equipment functionality can become manageable with a singular oversight system.  

Chesterton Connect™ (IoT) Solutions provides a centralised data network and systemic oversight for the unique challenges faced by the Pulp & Paper industry to widen the MTBF timeframe. Let’s explore this indispensable tool and how it will assist profitability.  

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?  

For those who don’t know, the Internet of Things, or IoT, is any system of interrelated computers, mechanical or digital machines, objects, animals or people that can transfer network data without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer communication. An efficient IoT system streamlines processes and constantly monitors equipment to provide maintenance teams with the ability to prevent calamity before it affects productivity.  

Introducing the Chesterton Connect™ (IoT) Solution 

Innovative, easy to use, and reliable – that’s the  system in brief. The system is a data acquisition tool run via Bluetooth technology that enables constant monitoring of machinery and systems. It is easy to install and provides 24/7 data collation with alerts to help the maintenance team quickly identify machinery issues as or before they occur. Constant data logging allows downloads of up to 30 days of data to provide a comprehensive view of equipment functionality over time. 


Guaranteed System Durability 

Concerned that Chesterton Connect will struggle to keep up with the rigour of your factory or company? The system offers a robust design, built to withstand the harshest environments while monitoring even the most destructive elements, including: 

  • Equipment vibration 
  • Surface temperature 
  • Process temperature 
  • Process pressure 

 The Benefits of using the system include: 

  • Spot issues to allow early intervention to uptime threats 
  • Pinpoint issues that cause difficult-to-discover failures 
  • Predict potential future problems via data trends 
  • Allow for preventative action to extend productivity 
  • Detect processing instabilities early 
  • Prioritise equipment maintenance easily 
  • Modernise plant operations 
  • Assist in cost reduction 

Chesterton Connect


Centralised Control 

There will never be confusion when interfacing with Chesterton Connect™. Accessible via the user-friendly mobile app connected to multiple sensors that provide a comprehensive view of plant equipment and health. The mobile app and the in-unit LED display will alert maintenance about occurring or possible upcoming events that may impact functionality. This alert system will help prevent unplanned downtime and asset failure. The system can also send data through a gateway system to the cloud, allowing the user to access even more data functionality from the office, home or on the road. 

 System control features include: 

  • The ability to view multiple sensors on a single mobile app 
  • Secure data access  
  • Data export for analysis
  • Supported on all popular operating systems and browsers 
  • Easy to install and configure 
  • Replaceable battery for units 



Case Study: Chesterton Connect™ Sensor/Cloud Helps Identify Root Failure Point for Split Case Pump 

A client was dealing with premature failures within a split case pump, leading to frequent downtime. Two Chesterton Connect™ smart sensors were installed to monitor conditions, including vibration, process pressure, and temperature. Within days of installation, the sensor recorded spikes in vibration and pressure fluctuations in the middle of the night. The Chesterton Connect™ Cloud graphed and diagnosed the issue as a malfunctioning valve. With correct identification and repair, the plant saved $6,500 in spare parts and labour while avoiding future downtime.  

Maintain Consistent High-Level Productivity with System Oversight 

Every Pulp & Paper industry production stage requires dependable processing and reliable performance. Productivity drives success, which peaks when machinery performs as it should, making  Chesterton Connect an indispensable tool for your company.


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