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February 18, 2021

Equipment Protection All Sealed Up for the Food & Beverage Industry

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There’s no denying the unique challenges facing the food & beverage industry. Equipment is subjected to long, often continuous, operation, meaning longevity is paramount. This, combined with efficiency, ethical production, being fit for purpose, and – vitally – preventing contamination are aspects that need continual monitoring.

High-end equipment protection and sealing solutions are two complex areas that have a massive impact on all areas of production and, ultimately, profits. That’s why you must have a partnership with a sealing and equipment protection provider that offers a complete solution and seamless supply chain.


2021 Trends and their Industry Impact

With an ever-increasing desire for products that are free-from certain additives, vegetarian, vegan, cruelty-free and more, the need for reliable equipment to guarantee this is crucial. Consumers are also far more aware of sustainable practices, including knowing that their food comes from manufacturers taking great steps to reduce their carbon footprint. One area that’s historically been an industry issue to energy efficiency and contamination risk is fine particle wear. Abrasion is one of the major contributors to metal fatigue – one that’s historically been addressed with rubber linings, ceramic tile coatings and welding. The problem with these is that they’re short-term, often laborious tasks that end up needing continual additional attention. This leads to a higher risk of contamination, inefficient production, more energy, increased downtime and reduced profits.

The additional chance of poor publicity surrounding such events in a social media world should never be underestimated.

Introducing the Ultimate Abrasion Solution: The Chesterton ARC MX FG

The industry has long-awaited a cost-effective, simple and long-lasting solution to the wear caused by abrasion. Sealing, lubricant and equipment protection experts, Chesterton, have created just such a product – the novel ARC MX FG coating, specifically designed to address a wide range of fine particle flow damage. This includes equipment subjected to slurry conditions.

Of food grade standard, easy to apply, and to offer never before seen hard-wearing properties, ARC MX FG is being hailed as the ultimate answer to an age-old issue.

Thanks to being created with the food and beverage industry need wholly at the forefront, this easy to apply ceramic-reinforced coating complies to 21 CRF 175.300 for Condition C. This makes it suitable for multiple applications:

  • Type II
  • Type III
  • Type IVA
  • Type IVB
  • Type V
  • Type VII

Over and above the ease of application, it returns surfaces to a near-new condition in a far shorter time than more traditional fixes. The coating also leads to far greater longevity, eliminates any surfaces where pathogens, dirt or water can accumulate, dramatically reduces the need for constant repairs and comes in a per-weighed and pre-measured format.

From Fine Particle Wear Solutions to Seals and Lubricants

Of course, abrasion isn’t the only area of equipment maintenance to consider. EPS, mechanical seals, and lubricant solutions play a vital role in manufacturing efficient and compliant operations
Partnering with a provider that offers a wide-ranging product portfolio of the highest standard is essential. Chesterton is a global industry leader in this field, specialising in the design and manufacture of off-the-shelf products and offering bespoke solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

Such a comprehensive collection, combined with ease of procurement and outstanding customer service, has long-reaching effects. These include:

  • Boosting the efficiency of food processing equipment
  • Improving long-term compliance with industry standards
  • Lowering costs through energy-efficient production, reduced plant downtime etc
  • Increased customer confidence in purchasing choices

A snapshot of Chesterton equipment and solutions designed with the food & beverage industry in mind are:

  • Food-grade cleaners and lubricants: Essential for rotating equipment
  • Innovative technologies: Designed to increase service life and positively reducing flush rates
  • High-performance lubricants: Specifically created to extend the life of bearing and chains for increased equipment longevity
  • System performance evaluations and recommendations: To decrease water and energy consumption

Together, Chesterton and the food & beverage industry can determine equipment solutions that aid production and commit to a new consumer desire era.

Those who are as interested in a company’s efforts to combat climate change and ethical production as they are in the taste of the food that they eat and the drinks that quench their thirst.

Contact us to discover more.

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