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November 28, 2023

Desalination Plant Maintenance to Avoid Corrosion

Category: Desalination, Water and Wastewater

Of all the wastewater and water systems, some of the harshest environments are found in Desalination plants. Maintaining equipment with suitable protection is a top priority to ensure operations run effectively and consistently. Suitable protective surface coatings and equipment can significantly extend the working life of components within desalination plant systems. Reliable water reclamation is essential in many countries in the modern world to ensure water requirements are fulfilled while protecting the environment. Industrial water facilities are subject to more stringent oversight to avoid overflows, leaks, and cross-contamination.

Plant operators can ensure their site’s longevity by increasing knowledge and preventing common corrosion issues, which will help them address potential problems. Monitoring equipment and using preventative protective coatings will assist in avoiding corrosion and stopping minor concerns from worsening and are helpful for every stage of plant maintenance. Automating processes, monitoring, and effective care of plants and machinery with Chesterton’s range of products will supercharge your operations.


Chesterton ConnectTM

Chesterton ConnectTM

Set and Monitor with Chesterton ConnectTM

Smart monitors are a must-have maintenance support tool that ensures processes continue efficiently. Chesterton Connect is an advanced device designed to monitor asset processes continually, capturing real-time data 24/7 and providing valuable information about:

  • Process pressures
  • Process temperatures
  • Equipment vibration
  • Surface temperatures

Uses include: 

  • Spot issues to allow early intervention to uptime threats
  • Pinpoint issues that cause difficult-to-discover failures
  • Predict potential future problems via data trends
  • Allow for preventative action to extend productivity
  • Detect processing instabilities early
  • Prioritise equipment maintenance easily
  • Modernise plant operations
  • Assist in cost reduction

Centralised Control is available via the user-friendly mobile app connected to multiple sensors to provide a comprehensive view of plant equipment and health. Alerts are sent to maintenance to warn of current or upcoming issues with equipment functionality, reducing downtime at your mine site.

Seal and Protect with ARC Coatings

Chesterton’s highly experienced engineering has developed innovative coating solutions to meet the needs of every industry we serve, including desalination. Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coatings has a proven global track record of enhancing critical industrial equipment and structures over four decades. These coatings protect metal and concrete from damaging abrasion, erosion, and chemical attack, making them a solid choice for essential equipment and structures using the latest technologies. These include advanced material formulations using ceramic bead reinforcement and nanotechnology to withstand the most challenging environments.

Use ARC Industrial Coatings to:

  • Revitalise worn equipment and damaged concrete surfaces previously considered irreparable
  • Provide cost-effective, long-term corrosion prevention compared to exotic alloys and conventional coatings
  • Increase operational efficiency frequently, resulting in a higher sustained output

These applications are ideal for desalination plants and will extend MTBF, maximising performance and productivity.

Discover Chesterton

For more information on these and any other Chesterton products, visit the Chesterton website or contact our team. Both production and quality processes are independently controlled by the ISO and certified for quality. Rest assured that these and any other product Chesterton product will suit your Desalination Plant requirements and keep up with the rigours of the industry.


This article was published in Inside Water Magazine.

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