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March 4, 2021

Chesterton Solutions for the Waste Management and Recycling Industry

Category: Water and Wastewater

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Chesterton® Solutions for the Waste Management and Recycling Industry

Ensuring asset longevity within manufacturing and industry has long been a challenge. In today’s climate, this isn’t solely an economic factor; it’s an environmental one as well.

The waste management and recycling industries face particular issues, typically operating with multiple contaminants that cause premature wear to vital equipment components.

This can lead to costly repairs, increased maintenance, unexpected and extended downtime and a reduction in the plant’s ability to carry out its environmental responsibilities in an economical manner.

Combating Asset Wear Through Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Dynamic technology continues to bring protective solutions that offer increased durability of assets. Achieving such endurance goes hand-in-hand with driving down costs, improving product consistency and reducing plant and equipment downtime.

Together, taking considered positive action ensures waste manufacturing and recycling facilities can remain cost-effective as they carry out their vital roles.

The following discusses some of the most advanced solutions available today that increase productivity and reduce the running costs of the crucial assets that work so hard 24/7.

Combat Abrasive and Chemical Attack With Chesterton®  ARC Coatings

Chesterton ARC coating product applied

Chesterton ARC coating product applied

One of the biggest issues is the wear and tear on equipment caused by abrasion and chemicals.

While various coatings have been utilised to stave off the inevitable damage these cause, this has continued to remain a challenge in a wide variety of industries – and especially that of waste management and recycling.

The range of Chesterton’s ARC Coatings has brought a revolutionary solution to a long-standing problem. Simple to apply, this ceramic-reinforced coating comes in a variety of formats to protect assets against:

• Chemical attack

• Corrosion

• Coarse and fine particle wear

• Sliding abrasion

• Recreate damaged metal surfaces instead of more traditional weld overlays

• In many applications can replace ceramic tiles and rubber linings

Its simple, quick application by spray, trowel and/or brush means the range of ARC coatings is suitable for applications in various asset areas.

Extending the lifespan of equipment under constant attack from a variety of contaminants is a key driver of cost-reduction and productivity – something that’s vital as Australia continues to work to increase its recycling capabilities and the ability to manage waste effectively.

For more information click here.

Increase Bearing Lifespan With the Chesterton Lubri-Cup™ Automatic Grease Dispensers

Chesterton Lubri-Cup™

Chesterton Lubri-Cup™

Bearings are one of the hardest-working plant elements, yet their often out-of-sight location regularly leads to over or under lubrication issues.

Add in assets that might be in hard-to-reach environments, and the scene is set for a reduction in lifespan and the associated increase in cost and waste.

Enter the Chesterton Lubri-Cup, a trademarked and proven automated lubrication solution that delivers small, metered amounts of correctly engineered grease or oil over a defined period.

This state-of-the-art dispenser comes in variable gas, electro-mechanical and synchronised versions. It’s ideally suited for use in multiple industries, including waste management and recycling.

Removing the tedious and inaccurate manual lubrication job, Lubri-Cup is the cost-effective choice that dramatically reduces failure, repairs and associated asset downtime.

Chesterton combines high-performance lubricants with reliable, automated dispensers to offer a comprehensive solution for bearing reliability-crucial to avoiding premature electric motor failure.

Our Quiet Bearing Technology (QBT) greases and Chesterton Lubri-Cup Automatic Grease Dispensers are designed to extend motor bearing life in wet, hot, and dusty operating conditions. The result? Your plant benefits from improved operational reliability reduced maintenance and asset replacement costs.

For more information click here.

Hydraulic Seals for Best-Bearing Isolation and Protection

Hydraulic seal selection is one of the simplest ways to reduce or negate costly leaks and premature wear in any assets. Chesterton® is a market leader in sealing solutions, offering a range of seals that can guarantee zero leakage and the associated equipment longevity.

Chesterton in Australia operates under the name of Chesterton Customseal for Sealing solutions. For more information click here.

Hydraulic seals for best-bearing isolation and protection

Chesterton® 33K

Chesterton® polymer labyrinth seal

Chesterton® Polymer Labyrinth Seal

When it comes to industry-specific advantages, the requirement for extended leak-free capabilities in waste & recycling plants is vital.

Seal-specialists, Chesterton Customseal, offers various high-performance OEM seals to suit all hard-working, heavy-duty equipment and are particularly suited for outstanding performance in the hot Australian climate.

The Chesterton® 33K Stacked Set optimises performance and is easy to install into the bearing seal cavity through its custom design and manufacture.

Chesterton® Polymer Labyrinth Seal (PLS) Seals offers both bearing protection from outside environmental issues (water and dirt ingress) and keeping bearings lubrication inside the bearing cavity.

Split Seals Lower Costs of Large Equipment

Chesterton 442C™ cartridge split seal

Chesterton 442C™ Cartridge Split Seal

The advantages of split seal technology within larger equipment are well known. But the superiority comes at a price – that of an installation challenge. Chesterton has long been known for finding solutions to problems, and the Chesterton 442C™ Cartridge Split Seal has done just this. The innovation has all the sought-after aspects of a split seal and uses a patent-pending Interlocking Face design. This allows easy installation, thanks to a unique holder that self-aligns the face halves and can be used on pumps and rotating equipment commonly used within the industry. The design allows it to successfully seal shaft sizes ranging from 25mm to 760mm – ideal for larger equipment. Chesterton® is a market leader in the provision of advanced solutions that are proven to extend asset life.

From lubrication to seals, the company is fast being recognised as a one-stop-shop for the crucial aspects that improve the servicing process, increase the time between asset maintenance and, very importantly, allow equipment to perform a premier level for its entire lifespan.

Discover more at chestertoncustomseal.com.au/partners-chesterton-products/

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