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May 11, 2022

Chesterton Connect: IoT Technology for Hazardous Environments

Category: Water and Wastewater

Monitoring critical equipment – especially in hazardous environments – has always been challenging. The longevity and performance of pumps, sealing systems and other equipment are only as good as any maintenance and monitoring programmes. Historically, this has meant meticulous manual inspections and/or data analysis to carry them out at the standard needed to have the required effect.

In reality, most organisations don’t have the time or resources to carry out enough proactive maintenance to the extent that they would truly prevent unexpected equipment failure over time.

However, a couple of years ago, a novel solution was brought to market in the form of Chesterton ConnectTM. This unique product was designed to suit various assets and continuously captures operational data in real-time. It can be used on many types of equipment, such as:

  • Agitators
  • Mixers
  • Pumps
  • A variety of rotating and stationary equipment.

This innovative technology has been embraced in many fields, such as the water and wastewater industries, allowing easy monitoring of equipment vibration, surface temperature, process temperature and pressure. But the greatest downfall of this IoT technology is that – until now – it couldn’t be used in hazardous environments.

Enter the solution to this quandary, the Chesterton ConnectTM Intrinsically Safe Certified Sensor.

Why Fit Chesterton ConnectTM Intrinsically Safe Certified Sensor?

Similarly to its predecessor, the intrinsically safe certified tool allows users to easily monitor and understand any process abnormalities. This allows for proactive preventative maintenance to be implemented, increasing reliability, operation, and asset lifespan. In addition, the technology will immediately alert if any pressures, temperatures or vibrations surpass safe operating modes or if there’s any sudden failure.

The tool works via Bluetooth and passes real-time data to a user-friendly app. You can also use the compatible cloud platform, and both allow for data to be exported for analysis when needed, and you can also view the LED display on the unit itself.

The Intrinsic Difference

The intrinsically certified version of this highly successful monitoring product is suitable for use within most gas and hazardous dust environments, including those with flammable liquids, high pressures and high temperatures. This has been afforded using electrical protection that prevents the sensor from becoming a source of ignition. There are layers of state-of-the-art safety features within the device’s electronics that provide multiple levels of safety factors.

The Chesterton ConnectTM Intrinsically Safe Certified Sensor is rated for use in:

  • Class 1/Division 1 (gas vapour environments)
  • Class 2/Division 1 (dust environments)
  • IP66 for outdoor use

The unit is fully programmable, allowing users to set thresholds for when they want to be alerted to an undesirable event. This allows immediate action to be taken should an incident happen.

The overall data capture allows simple analysis of exactly how equipment is performing, simplifying maintenance planning and proactive repairs or tweaks that can dramatically extend asset longevity. In addition, having such insights can dramatically reduce unexpected equipment failure, reduced productivity and any associated unscheduled downtime.

This article was featured in Utility Magazine.

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