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April 8, 2021

Case Study: Remote Asset Monitoring Made Easy With Chesterton Connect!

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Assets aren’t always neatly located and easily accessible. Very often, and especially in vast or remote regions, such as are typical in Australia, elements of mining or other industrial processes are, by necessity, sited many kilometres away from the main action.

This represents a somewhat challenging situation around maintenance and repair.

Issues can go unnoticed, only having implications when a fault causes an interruption to the workflow.

The following discusses a typical scenario and a unique solution that brings remote equipment back into the fold, making them as easy to care for as those that are physically close to the main action.

Introducing the Asset

Our troubled asset is a slurry pump – an element that works 24/7 in a mineral sands mine. The pump in question is in Western Australia, a place where extreme temperatures make for tough working conditions. If that wasn’t hard enough for the poor pump, the fellow isn’t even within the processing homestead.

Instead, it’s located some 10 kilometres away, far from the hustle and bustle of the action (and away from the watchful eyes of its human workmates).

In short, the pump feels alone, sad and isolated.

It’s No Fun Being Alone

Such a scenario doesn’t lend itself well for the optimal effort. As the heat intensifies, so the pump tires. It doesn’t have the homestead’s camaraderie, a place where assets are under constant view and feel included. Of course, this leads to the inevitable reduction in output – even that of unscheduled breaks.

After all, there’s no-one there to watch it, so why not?

However, when this happens, so the flow of essential mineral slurry slows – or, in some cases – ceases entirely. This, of course, is a problem. So a repairman is dispatched to check on the health of the pump.

The Challenge

The thing is, the problem is intermittent. The repairman arrives at the pump site to find it happily chugging along, working exactly as expected. Even when the pump is shut down and inspected, there’s nothing much to report. The stuttering workload remains a mystery.

The Solution: Chesterton Connect Makes for the Happiest of Relationships

Chesterton Connect? Quite simply, it’s a real-time monitoring system

Enter the innovative Chesterton Connect, a simple to use data acquisition tool that uses Bluetooth technology to allow for constant monitoring of pumps and sealing systems.

The easy to install equipment passes back 24/7 data, allowing the maintenance team to identify the exact times the issue occurred quickly. This led to a simplified repair process and a happy pump that could work as expected. Not only does it get the TLC it deserves, but it’s no longer alone.

Together, the pump-Chesterton Connect team makes for a formidable partnership.

So what exactly is Chesterton Connect? Quite simply, it’s a real-time monitoring system designed for the use of pumps, agitators, mixers and other rotating and stationary equipment.

Thanks to constant data recording, users can download up to 30 days of data at a time and give a comprehensive view of the equipment.

Chesterton Connect? It’s a real-time monitoring system

It monitors:

  • Equipment vibration
  • Process pressure
  • Process temperature
  • Surface temperature

This is achieved through multiple sensors, and an in-unit LED display, combined with an intuitive app for ease of use.

Simply set the desired parameters and ping. Connect can notify you of any undesirable events.

For those responsible for remote assets, this takes all of the guesswork out of repair scheduling, not to mention saving time and money on unnecessary work and inspections.

Chesterton always leads the way with innovative solutions

Chesterton always leads the way with innovative solutions to ensure that some of the smallest parts of assets – the seals – get the care they deserve.

In the case of the slurry pump, not only does it benefit from the necessary overview to ensure its health and longevity, but the pump gets a new buddy at its constant companion.


To find out more about Chesterton Connect and other innovative sealing solutions to keep your assets happy, contact us today.

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