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Wire Rope Lubrication



  • A large coal to liquid fuel plant uses a wire rope driven mechanism to “shunt” rail tank cars for filling.
  • Previously a mixture of grease and diesel fuel was used to lubricate the 16 wire ropes.
  • The wire ropes frequently broke, resulting in 4 hours downtime for repair each time.
  • The ropes typically had to be replaced every 3 years at a cost of $115,000 each.

    Crane cable lubricants dry out, trap dirt and fail to prevent corrosion after 12 months.



Chesterton 715 Spraflex® Gold applied manually to rollers every 3-4 months. After 2 years of using Chesterton 715, the plant had not experienced any production delays due to rope breakage.

A side-by-side trail with OEM Lubricant proves the value of Chesterton 715.


The wire rope replacement period has been extended from 3 years to 5 years.

Previous Wire Rope Costs (3-yr. life cycle)

16 wire ropes @ $115,000/ea: $1,840,000

$1,840,000/3-yr. life cycle: $613,333/yr.)

New Wire Rope Costs (5-yr. life cycle)

Current $1,840,000/5 yrs.: $368,000/yr.

Savings (5-yr. vs 3-yr. life cycle): $248,333/yr.

(+ reduced labor costs and downtime)

Cleaned, lubricated, and protected.

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