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Upgrading the Grease on Carpet Tufting Pneumatic System


The pneumatic systems on the tufting machines were constantly filling with moisture causing corrosion and improper performance.

Our client was looking for a product that would:

  • Absorb moisture to reduce corrosion of the pneumatic components
  • Disperse dirt and debris and remove gums and varnish
  • Easily clean with soap and water.

Product featured in the case study:

Chesterton 650 AML – high-performing, biodegradable lubricant designed to creep into internal workings of chains, cables, pneumatics, needle bearings, and sliding mechanisms.

Chesterton 650 AML container

Chesterton 650 AML


Chesterton 650 Advanced Machinery Lubricant was added to the in line lubricating cups of the pneumatic system.

Pneumatic performance was quickly improved and the detergency power of the 650 AML was very evident.

Carpet tufting machine

Carpet tufting machine

650 AML Cleaning build up of our air system on tensioning bar

650 AML cleaning build-up out of air system on tensioning bar

Carpet tufting machine

The ability to absorb its weight in water and its detergency
makes the 650 AML the right choice for reliable operation.

Chesterton 650 AML:

  • NSF Registered H1
  • Environmentally safe ester technologybiodegradable
  • Low mist hazard, low odour
  • Self-cleaning, removes residue and sticky build up
  • Low friction, significantly reduces power consumption
  • Reduces wear; prolongs equipment life
  • High load and extreme pressure capabilities
  • Silicone-free
  • Safe on all metals, most polymers and plastics


Since the addition of the Chesterton 650 AML, the tensioning bar has been working flawlessly.

Our client has added the Chesterton 650 AML as a standard stocking item across all plants.

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