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Updating LubriCup® EM with 615 II Grease for Power Plant Use


Case study APAC0022 – Chesterton products – Chesterton Industrial Lubricants




In high-stakes environments such as power plants, it is vital to have well-lubricated machinery to achieve maximum efficiency. The combination of the Chesterton LubriCup® EM with the 615 II Grease helped this client achieve their goal after experiencing frequent seizing of damper bearings. Where before they were combating rising temperatures, frequent maintenance, and shutdowns, now with the Chesterton combination the machinery is running smoother than ever.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton LubriCup EM

Chesterton 615 II High Temperature Grease




Client experienced frequent seizing of damper bearings, resulting in a rise in temperature in the assembly, frequent maintenance, shutdowns, bearing replacement, labor & Inventory cost and loss of production. They have thus concluded that the original grease is not effective, not lubricating the machinery properly and thus causing corrosion issues.

High bearing temperature recorded

Bearing damage during one of the frequent shutdowns


Chesterton offered Chesterton® 615 II as it has the right specification to meet the application and will allow the Lubricup® EM to dispense the correct amount of grease, avoiding human errors for under & over lubrication.

Trials commenced with Lubricup® EM and 615 II grease on one damper system bearing.

LubriCup EM upon installation


Using Lubricup® EM with 615 II grease, the damper system now works very smoothly without frequent breakdowns.

Each damper has 28 Lubricup® EM installed. Customer chose to install in all three dampers.

Client is very happy with lubrication and Lubricup®EM performance. Now, no bearings have seized, and they have seen no temperature issues.

LubriCup EM installed and operating

Much lower bearing temperature bearings recorded

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Case Number APAC0022 – Issued 10/20

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