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Theme Park – Roller Coaster Chesterton® Lubri-cup EM



This amusement park ride flips guests six times during its run. Three times forward and three times backward. All in two minutes. The bearings located 36 meters on the peak of the ride are manually lubricated every other day. However, at this height, it is dangerous work and often gets neglected.

Space Shuttle – Entertainment Park Ride


Lubri-Cup EM was installed on the pulley bearing using a single point one meter hose. A six-month greasing period has been set.

Chesterton Lubri-cup EM is now installed


The pulley wheel is now lubricated with the correct amount, reducing lubrication frequency and hazards. The Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM dispense the exact amount of grease at the right time.

  • Prevent over greasing to avoid heating of the bearings.
  • Avoid under greasing to prevent wear on bearings.
  • Easy monitoring of equipment.
  • Minimise downtime.

Chesterton Lubri-cup EM

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