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Sulfuric Acid Gas plant in Korea


Chesterton® 1600 Graphite Valve Packing – Superior Leakage Control

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A Chemical plant in Korea, processing sulfuric acid gas using local packaging, had excessive stem corrosion due to severe leaks and applied Furmanite as an emergency repair.

Chesterton® 1600 Graphite Valve Packing

Equipment: Control Valve

Temperature: 200C
Pressure: 40kg/cm2
Size: 50mm(I.D.) x 63mm(O.D.)

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In February 2020, a Chesterton specialist recommended installing 6 Chesterton® 1600 Graphite Valve Packing without the need to replace the stem or valve.

This graphite valve packing features advanced construction for superior leakage control and high integrity:

  • Layers of graphite tape are applied into compact strands
  • Each strand is reinforced with an Inconel®* wire mesh covering
  • Strands are square plait braided to form a dense pliable packing and further enhanced with blocking agents
  • The packing’s exterior is densely coated with lubricating agents to reduce stem friction
  • A passive corrosion inhibitor is applied to prevent valve stem pitting



Chesterton® 1600 Graphite Valve Packing









*Inconel® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.


The local packing MTBR was four months. Once the Client changed over to the suggested Chesterton® 1600 Graphite Valve Packing solution, they achieved over 24 months MTBR and still counting

Product plus LaborUSD 800USD 1500
Cycle4 months24 months
2 Years TotalUSD 800 * 4 = USD 4800USD 1500
Total SavingsUSD 3300






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With continuous research and state-of-the-art advancement, Chesterton offers a full packing and gasketing technology line.  Our proven expertise delivers the highest performing sealing systems for a wide range of applications.

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Issued 04/22

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