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Split Seal & SpiralTrac® Solution Reduces Maintenance and Water Use


A wastewater treatment facility has 10 RAS (Return Activated Sludge) solids handling pumps. These pumps have been sealed using packing and replacement sleeves for several years with major leakage and premature sleeve wear (due to packing abrasion).

The customer was looking for an easy way to install a solution that would increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and reduce downtime and repair costs.

Products featured in this case study:

Chesterton® 442 Split Seal – high-performance seals available in large diameters

SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller – specially engineered, patented throat bushing

Chesterton 442 Split Seal.

SpiralTrac® Environmental Controllers are available in many designs and materials to optimize your sealing environment.


The packing was replaced on one trial pump, with a Chesterton® 442 Split Seal (4.500″) with RSC/RSC faces and FKM elastomers.

A SpiralTrac® split active throat bushing was also installed to reduce flush water requirements.

This solution was proposed for easier installation (no need to dismantle the pump), longer run time, and greater MTBF.

Sludge around the base of the packed pump.

Chesterton 442 (4.500) with SpiralTrac.

Chesterton 442 Split Seal resulted in increased reliability and a reduction in flush water usage.

Chesterton® 442 Split Seal – high-performance seals available in large diameters:

  • ​Compact design allows for easy installation and a fit advantage on most equipment
  • Split, low-cost repair kits reduce ongoing maintenance costs even further
  • Ball-and-socket O-Rings provide a quick and easy leak-free seal without the use of adhesives
  • Captive screws cannot fall out, making installation straightforward and reliable

SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller – specially engineered, patented throat bushing:

  • Enables particulates to be removed from the stuffing box (and away from packing or mechanical seals)
  • Permits air to evacuate the stuffing box upon flooding to retain cooling
  • Minimizes heat build-up in the stuffing box by creating circulation around seal faces.​


After a few months of leak-free operation, the customer was very pleased with the performance and converted the nine remaining packed pumps with 442 Split Seals (4.000″) with SpiralTrac units.

Maintenance, downtime, and the safety issues caused by leakage were greatly reduced.


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