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Restoration of Corroded Inventory Saves Oil Exploration Company $300,000



In an oil exploration company, spare equipment were often purchased 1 – 2 years in advance of a major turnaround outage. Inventoried goods were stored outside or in uncontrolled sheds under tarps and plastic wraps, which are not suitable for long-term corrosion prevention. As a result, most of the spare parts were corroded and could not be used.

Rusted shaft taken from storage box using rust inhibiting paper wrap.



The Chesterton Restoration and Preservation Program was implemented using 235 SSC Degreaser to power wash components. Next, a 10% solution of 338 Super Rust Remover was used in a dip tank to remove all rust. To preserve and protect the parts, 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard was used to coat and provide a water-displacing, rust-inhibiting barrier.

The shaft is clean and rust-free, with 235 SSC Degreaser and 338 Super Rust Remover.


Inventory Properly Sealed and Protected

  • The initial investment for the Chesterton solution was USD 5,600.
  • Over USD 300,000 in parts were recovered and returned to inventory.
  • Parts coated with 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard were properly sealed and protected from further corrosion.

740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard leaves a dark brown, transparent waxy coating for up to 2 years’ protection.


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