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Reducing unplanned downtime in cylinder rod seal


During the transfer of fibrous products, a robot arm (equipped with pairs of mini pneumatic cylinders) got fibre dust entrapped through the cylinder rod seal. This caused the equipment to malfunction as well as damage to the packaging. Due to this, there was unplanned downtime.

Root cause: Dusty environment

Objective: Avoid unplanned maintenance and extend machine uptime


To prevent dust from mixing with the cylinders moving parts, the cylinder body (main rod and guide rod) is revised, and Chesterton Specialists have applied Chesterton 21K Wiper Seal and Chesterton 23K Rod Seal

Chesterton 21K Wiper Seal

Chesterton 21K Wiper Seal


Chesterton 21K Wiper Seal is a positive-rake wiper designed to effectively clean and dislodge foreign matter from retracting rods and rams to prevent scoring and system contamination. The sharp, rugged, flared profile protects against abrasive particles, which can contaminate the system and lead to premature equipment failure. These wipers provide excellent performance for hydraulic and pneumatic

Chesterton 23K Rod Seal NBR AWC800 is manufactured using a machining process which allows the flexibility to create any size based on equipment dimensions. The radiused-lip design ensures a continuous lubricating film is maintained, which minimizes operating temperature and wear—delivering excellent
sealing performance.


The life of the equipment has been extended by 35 months.


Before the Chesterton solution:

Labour cost: USD 700 × 6 time = USD 4,200

Packing cost: USD 320 × 2 sets × 6 times = USD 3,840

After the Chesterton solution implementation

Labour cost: USD 700 × 1 time = USD 700

Packing cost: USD 1,165 × 2 sets × 1 time = USD 2,330

Total Savings = USD 5,010 (over 35 months)

Chesterton Solution – Chesterton 21K and Chesterton 23K

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