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Reducing downtime and costs in steel mill slitting machine bearings


A steel mill identified an issue with the current grease being utilized in their slitting machine bearings. Despite its high viscosity, the grease was unable to withstand water washout and was consequently causing product damage. The machine operates in wet conditions consistently, necessitating re-greasing every three months. Additionally, the cost of the grease was found to be quite expensive.

Slitting machine bearing


The customer decided to use the Chesterton 630 SXCF. The 630 SXCF has good water wash out resistance with corrosion inhibitors to protect the bearings. The steel mill undertook trials to compare the 630 SXCF with the existing grease for 3 weeks and found that the Chesterton grease remain in good condition with improved performance. The plant now specifies the use of 630SXCF throughout this application.

More about the Chesterton 630 SXCF:

  • NSF Registered H1
  • Compatible with most popular greases
  • Anti-oxidants prevent hardening or crystallization
  • Dropping point 318° C (604° F)

Trial with Chesterton 630 SXCF


The application of the Chesterton 630 SXCF resulted in:

Increased Reliability

Following the trial using Chesterton 630SXCF, the re-greasing interval time increased from three to six months, with no resultant product damage. In addition to this, productivity increased two fold.

Yearly existing costs before 630SXCF:
Lubrication and labour = $18,000

Bearing replacement = $6,400 ($100 / bearing x 64)

Labour to replace = $60 ($30 / hr x 2 hrs)

Machine Downtime = $66,000 ($33K x 2 per year)

Yearly existing costs after 630SXCF:

Lubrication and labour = $585

Total Saving = USD $89,875


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