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Reducing corrosion in steel pole


Exposure to extreme weather conditions led to the rusting of a steel pole, including its nuts and bolts. This initially caused a reduction in the strength of the base metal and eventually the instability of the pole, causing a safety hazard.

Rusted pole and parts


The Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover was first applied to remove corrosion and then the Chesterton 752 Cold Galvanizing Compound (CGC) was applied as a primer coat.

Application of the Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover prepares the metal surfaces for excellent adhesion of the Chesterton 752 CGC. The Chesterton 338 Super Rust Remover also has the following characteristics:

  • Highly concentrated, acid-based
  • Can be used on all metals
  • Removes metal oxide layer

Chesterton 338 Rust Remover

The Chesterton 752 CGC forms an extremely tight non-porous barrier against corrosion due to its high solids content of 95% ultrafine zinc particles. This product also has the following characteristics:

  • Ultra-fine particle size
  • Fast drying​​​​​
  • Three levels of corrosion protection

Chesterton 752 CGC


Rust was effectively removed from the parts, and subsequent corrosion was prevented with Chesterton anti-corrosion and primer. After months of evaluation, no traces of corrosion were observed including no discoloration and peeling off.

Application of Chesterton products to remove rust and
prevent further corrosion

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