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Reducing corrosion in ball mill pinion


A newly arrived ball mill pinion was prone to corrosion and moisture due to the rugged environment in the mining industry. It needed to have protection while it was in storage for emergency replacements. The manual removal of the corrosion caused long hours of delay.


The Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard was applied to the pinion of the newly arrived ball mill and during storage there was no trace of corrosion prior to installation.

The Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Guard has the following characteristics:

  • Easy to apply – easy to remove
  • Self-healing if scratched
  • Provides up to two years of corrosion protection under sheltered outdoor condition
  • Withstands 2000 hours’ accelerated corrosion test; ASTM B 117, 5% salt fog test


The Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard is an unique polymer modified wax, corrosionpreventative coating that provides heavyduty metal protection without critical surface preparation, for areas constantly exposed to humidity and corrosive fumes.

Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard

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