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Reduce Maintenance Costs and Increase MTBR for Sorting Screw Conveyor


A pulp mill in Sweden is seeking a shorter Mean Time Before Repair (MTBR) on their sorting screw conveyor. The customer’s goal is to stretch the MTBR to two years.

The challenge is sealing white and green liquor mediums as well as limestone.

Sorting screw conveyor

Sorting screw conveyor


The customer decided to install Chesterton 377 CarbMax™ Packing.

Chesterton 377 CarbMax Packing is made from high tensile strength, continuous filament carbon yarns that are braided into a high density packing that has very low relaxation after the initial installation.

The packing has high thermal conductivity that allows it to run cool by dissipating frictional heat away from the dynamic sealing surface.

Chesterton 377 CarbMax Packing


Chesterton 377 CarbMax Packing was installed in August 2021 and six months later there were no gland adjustments after start up. The target of reaching two years of MTBR looks promising.
By not having to retighten the gland the customer did not have to shut down the plant. In addition, the low leakage helps the customer to keep his plant tidy and gives him cost savings on maintenance.

Chesterton 377 CarbMax Packing installed in stuffing box.

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