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Reconditioning of Valves in Hydropower Plant with Chesterton ARC and Hydraulic Sealing


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Sliding valves are an important part of a Hydropower Plant. Its main function is to control (i.e. allow or interrupt) water flows using a “plug”. In this plant, there was damage found on the rectangular and cylindrical housing of the equipment, caused by erosion due to turbulent fluid flow. With a combination of repairs with Chesterton ARC Products and replacements with Chesterton Hydraulic Seals, all damaged equipment was resealed and fully operational once again. The client experienced no significant loss or damage after a year and was impressed with the performance of all parts.

Products featured in the case study:


Chesterton ARC 858.

Chesterton ARC SD4i.




Chesterton 22K.


Damage found on the rectangular and cylindrical housing.

Erosion Corrosion
It is a type of corrosion that causes erosion (removal of layers) of a metallic part due to a turbulent/rapid fluid flow moving past the metal component. This is quite a regular occurrence in most valves of this type in the Hydropower Industry.

Eroded part of rectangular housing.

Damage about 5mm deep found in housing.


Reconditioning of rectangular and cylindrical housing of sliding valve

On some units, the valve seat is repairable by spot welding and rework. For some other units, the valve seat needs to be replaced. Where repairs and reconditioning were needed, Chesterton ARC 858 and SD4i were used as a composite build-up and coating material. Where full replacement was required, Chesterton experts assisted with the installation of the Chesterton 22K Hydraulic Seal.

Fully re-sealed with Chesterton seals and bearing bands.

Fully re-sealed rod gland.


After a year, no significant loss or damage was observed on the eight units repaired in 2016. The customer was impressed with this performance. This led them to entrust our Chesterton distributor with an 11-unit slide valve repair project for their Unit 4 turbine.

In 2019, the customer, satisfied with the continued positive performance, also assigned the 7-unit slide valve to Piesco, adding another 6 in 2020. As of today, 2021, the refurbished units are still in excellent condition since 2016.

This verifies and presents the quality of the Piesco service for slide valves and hydraulic systems and the reliability of the Chesterton solution.

New installed units are now requiring less repairs and maintenance.

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Case Study APAC0041 – Issued 09/21

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