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Pump Reliability Up-grade with AMPS™ Active Loading Technology


A high-head split-cased pump utilising gland packing at a steel mill faces significant challenges. Excessive leakage has led to frequent bearing issues. Despite the need for regular packing adjustments, safety regulations make this process difficult. Moreover, the pump’s efficiency has declined due to the presence of heavy sludge. The customer’s primary goal is to enhance pump reliability.
The core problem lies in the pump’s operation system, which fluctuates the flow rate from minimum to maximum every 20-30 minutes. This erratic operation pattern negatively impacts gland packing and contributes to internal erosion.

Pump successfully installed.


Chesterton GraphMax™ 22mm, AMPS™ Active Loading Technology, SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller Ver-P, ARC 858, and S2 Industrial Coatings in the maintenance process. Coated and repaired the pump using Chesterton ARC 858 and S2 Industrial Coating.
Integrated Chesterton Connect™ system for monitoring discharge recirculation pressure.
Implemented SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller to maintain consistent sealing pressure.
Installed Chesterton AMPS technology to help maintain a constant gland packing load despite variations in pump operation.

AMPS™ Active Loading Technology

AMPS™ Active Loading Technology.

Display of the pump curve, illustrating significant variations in flow rates.


Increase Reliability

Installed in February 2023, the system maintains an acceptable leakage rate, eliminating the need for any packing adjustments. Initially, there was a significant leakage issue within the first 1-2 weeks post-installation. However, after seven months, the leakage rate has remained consistently unchanged.

AMPS™ technology has been effectively installed alongside the pump, enhancing functionality and control.

AMPS™ technology has been effectively installed alongside the pump, enhancing functionality and control.

About AMPS™ Active Loading Technology

Chesterton® AMPS (Automated Mechanical Packing System) technology offers a unique approach to automatically loading braided packing in rotating equipment. This technology helps keep leakage low, reduces maintenance, and improves sealing performance. It also enhances operator safety by allowing for remote gland load management.

This video highlights the improvements in AMPS technology by showing a clear difference in leakage between the shaft with AMPS and the one without. Both pieces of equipment are in the same hydro pulper and have been running for the same amount of time.

The AMPS Unit automatically adjusts to stuffing box pressure changes to keep a constant energizing force on the packing at all times. This process, known as Active Loading, maintains a uniform and consistent load that eliminates manual packing adjustments and maximizes performance and packing life.​​​
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