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Pulp and Paper Customer Upgrade from OEM Lip Seal to Chesterton® Polymer Labyrinth Seal


Case study APAC0038 – Chesterton products – Chesterton EPS

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One of our customers in the pulp and paper industry was using a tradition OEM lip seal that resulted in serious leaks, slowing down all production in the plant. Knowing they had to improve their performance, their goal was to find a solution that would reduce friction and eliminate oil leakage. Chesterton suggested the Chesterton® Polymer Labyrinth Seal and, with a little modification of the equipment bearing cover, the seal was installed with great success and is still running to this day!

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton® PLS



The customer uses a traditional OEM lip seal that results in serious oil leaks over time.

Root Cause

The lip seal is causing shaft fretting and therefore oil leaks.


Find a sealing solution that reduces friction, reduces shaft fretting and eliminates oil leakage and the constant need for further shaft repair.

Original lip seal.



The equipment bearing cover was modified and a Chesterton Polymer Labyrinth Seal PLS TYPE2 installed. The PLS is inserted inside the bearing cover and despite the limited space, was installed with minimal effort.

PLS: TYPE2 AWC800 44.5 x 65 x 11mm

Chesterton® PLS—Polymer Labyrinth Seal

Made from Chesterton’s proprietary polymer material technology, the Chesterton, patent-pending Polymer Labyrinth Seal (PLS) is a non-contact bearing seal designed to provide protection for pumps, motors, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment in splash applications. The unique design eliminates fretting caused by conventional lip seals, and helps increase bearing and gearbox life by extending the mean time between equipment repairs.

Chesterton® PLS


Client Reported

Since installation in June 2015, there have been no oil leakage. With the conventional sealing method, the oil lips are replaced every three years. By switching to PLS, we have drastically reduced the maintenance costs.

Featured Material

AWC800 Elastomer Material Proprietary, Wear-Resistant Urethane. Chesterton’s premium-grade thermoset polyurethane, AWC800, is designed for high performance sealing in hydraulic, pneumatic and static applications.

After installation.

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Case Study APAC0038 – Issued 08/21

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